The rare flower pot


Hey sorry guys but I absolutely love to post stuff,well anyways you know when Rockhopper was here a while back well that rare flower pot he gave us is so cool.I was on one of my friends website and he said that in 5 weeks it will grow into this tall cool pink looking flower.It is so pretty.I bought two and they both only have  little leaves in them right know.I am so happy I can’t wait!please comment!


5 Responses to “The rare flower pot”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    its so pretty seriously I can’t wait till my lil babies grow up lol

  2. ppp Says:


  3. johncena975 Says:

    no not…

  4. gardenax Says:

    red robins

  5. gardenax Says:

    lol yum

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