Update:tyler is a freaking asshole who has moved on and who is just a idiotic person to like leave me and not tell me what the hell 


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  5. gardenax Says:

    I remember the first place I commented on ur site. It was here I think.

  6. gardenax Says:

    2008: Shyleen meets Tyler.
    2016: Tyler and Shyleen got married and got pie splattered her gramma
    2017: Shyleen is pregnant
    2017: Shyleen goes into labor and this time pie splattered on her again
    2017: Gramma becomes great grandma and is named Great Nana Shy
    2017: Shyleen, Tyler, Great Nana Shy (Grandma), and Junior Tyleen have most wonderful christmas. And meet Axcoolkenny03 (Uncle Kenny to Jr. Tyleen) Who dressed as Santa.
    2018: Tyler goes to study driving
    2018: Nochia and Her sister Pengy are homeless and moves in with the Shyshy’s
    2019: Gardenax moves into Shyshy’s Neighborhood in Shyleen City, and appears as the Shyshy’s neighbor.
    2019: Shyshy celebrate’s her gramma’s 89th birthday
    2019: Tyler accuses Gardenax for being a robbery
    2020: Tyler get’s driver license and buys some red car or whatever car shyshy wants.
    2020: Nochia flirts with Tyler and Tyler gets blame by Shyshy thinking he flirts with her.
    2020: Tyler ended the fight by a (******) and making love with shyshy in new car getting her to have another baby.
    2020: Shyshy finds out she’s having twins one boy one girl
    2021: Shyshy has baby during 6 months or pregnauncy. She gets in Labor during Labor Day. Boy named Chetlu671 and Girl named Capuzzi a name Shyshy’s father “123kde” always wanted to name their 6th child if they ever had one.
    2021: Tyler starts going to Casino getting drunk
    2021: Gardenax and Nochia start fight and end up taking it out on ol’e drunk Tyler.
    2021: Pengy begins to get drunk too while whoring around with someone she doesn’t know
    2021: Malico531, Justrokstar, and Donuts11 are new too Shyshy city and move in with Gardenax
    2022: Justrokstar does a dangerous experiment that explodes the whole block on Shyshy Avenue. But no one killed only few injured. Most houses didn’t tear down.
    2022: 123kde (Shyshy’s father) the mayor of Shyshy city who he will someday give the city to Shyshy decides to make Justrokstar pay for the (so called Hell) he has caused. He was charged with $100,000 for destroying part of city.
    2023: Shyshy convinces her father to forgive him father almost says that he forgives him but Tyler comes in with a 24 inch Pie that drops on shoe of Shyshy’s father and he doesn’t forgive her to forgive justrokstar. Friends, Families, and Neighbors of Justrokstar each give him 10,000 dollars to match it up.
    2023: Mayor forgives justrokstar after he pays him.

    shyshy6510:that is hilarious dude you must go on seriously your mean though you called nochia homeless and i hate tyler now he is a fucking prep and i hate him i so like someone else he is such and idiot i hate him hey i got a new picture if you wanna see it please say yes it is totally awesome dude totally 😆 but seriously you must go on,also about the kids i want two kids twins two girls monica and bianca so add that

  7. gardenax Says:

    2024: Gardenax gets annoyed by 6 year old Tyleen teasing him
    2024: Tyleen says ” Hey Gardenax I made a Popular Funny TV Show about you and the neighbors about how stupid you guys are! ” Tyleen gets punched in head by Malico. Malico said sarcastically ” Oops sorry I was so stupid to put my fist in the right head. ”
    2025: Shyshy’s grandmother passes away
    2025: Shyshy has little money after Justrokstar’s accident and she makes her grandmother’s coffin using wood
    2025: Funeral Happens in the backyard
    2026: Tyler finds a job that pays 80 dollars an hour. Tyler worked 5 hours And 6 days. So every week Tyler got his pay check of $2,400.00
    2027: Pengy gets a job as a drugist selling drugs in Liquor Stores
    2028: Gangsters, FBI’s, and Government Team up to take over Shyshy city. What will Gardenax and team do to save Shyshy, Ohio? Find out on the next episode of Silver Lines! To be continued…
    2027: Shyshy has 30th birthday party

    shyshy6510:lol and eww tyleen also can you change the name i hate tyler change it to travell he is so f-ing cute he is short though and he has an afro which is so adorable he is so cute and he cant say his r’s right which is just the cutest thing ever lol yea i know like weird boys

  8. gardenax Says:

    Ok I will add that on the next episodes. But you can’t have anymore kids because usually more than 5 is totally retarded. You can edit the name to whom ever you like. It took me forever to make this so it might be hard to edit.

    shyshy6510:oh well just like change the names when ever you mention them

  9. gardenax Says:

    Previously on Silver Lines: Happy 30 Birthday Shyshy!/Yo lets close down shyshy city/ Some guy: o you will not if you ask me I say…(he gets shot down)

  10. gardenax Says:

    TV Show: Silver Lines
    Season: 12
    Episode: 245 (The last episode of Silver Lines a movie special!)
    Title: Shyshy Versus Everyone: A fight that ends up bloody on the Gardenax team.
    Rated: TV-PG-L-V: Language and Violence.

    Theme Song: Bum bum bum Silver Lines Movie! Do do do di da bum bum buuuuuuuuum


    Followed by:
    Shyshy Tyler 123kde Chetlu671 Inuyasha Donuts11 Justrokstar Pengy211 Nochia

    Shyshy on the phone: You what?! How can you do this to me. You know what I’m not giving up on this city. I’ll not let you burn it down! *Shyshy hangs up*
    *Shyshy crying*
    Tyler: Why don’t you… It’s ok I’m right by your… Stop crying it will… ok you know what if it is that terrible then I will go there and kill them for you if that’s what you want.
    Shyshy: No there’s group of people you can’t they are too strong for a man like you.
    Tyler: We’ll screw those saltsackers. Nothing is too strong Hi-ho-ka-pa-Tyler! I way better than those people.

    Scene 2: Downtown Shyshy City Town Meeting

    123kde: Listen listen! People people!
    Person 1: Why they shutting you down?
    Person 2: Are those people con artists
    123kde: I know those bastards want to shut me down but…
    Person 3: Do you like Nachos?
    123kde: What the… huh? Why the hell would you be asking that in a time like this. This is not fun anymore. Sigh…

    Commercial Break

    shyshy6510:lol about the nachos hey what is not your cheese? nacho cheese lol yep i know it’s corny anyways i was watching i love money and i cannot believe Real proposed to Hoopz which is crazy even though he has a bf but hey who knows and have you saw the movie matchstick men it is about con artists really good movie

  11. gardenax Says:

    Commercial 1: Own season 8 of Silver Lines to dvds rated PG-13

    shyshy6510:season 8 already??

  12. behemothfiles Says:

    ok? 😐

    shyshy6510:it is hilarious

  13. gardenax Says:

    ________ _______

    1 PG
    2 PG
    3 PG
    4 PG
    5 PG
    6 PG-13
    7 PG
    8 PG-13
    9 Not Rated Or Realeased to DVDS
    10 Not rated Or Realeased
    11 and 12 not Rated or realesed

    The original rating is PG it sometimes goes PG-13 for some violents and language. But the real rating the industry rates is PG. You don’t know about this stuff so I’ll stop. You probably know when your are using your Shyshy Powers.

    shyshy6510:yea i know when i use my shyshy powers

  14. gardenax Says:

    Soon shyshy (censored) another man named axcoolkenny03 and then tyler try to to kill but she kicked his groin, spitted in his eye, shoved cookies up his ass, and stuffed his ears and nose with marshmellows. That was tv-14

    shyshy6510:that was weird and you know some pretty weird words and your just weird dude and axcoolkenny03 is probabbly ugly

  15. gardenax Says:


  16. gardenax Says:

    20 years later. Everything went perfect! Gardenax got a job as a contruction worker on club penguin, Shyshy was perfect (not appropiate gardenax!). Tyler (censored) himself on the streets with no home just dieing (yes yes yes shyshy6510) of cancer. Nochia got a job in forgetting her long lost sister, and tyleen and 2 other li’l brothers graduated college, Malico got a job as a director in movies, Justrokstar and Donuts11 got a job as a lawyer, And then the grey gay clouds that meant a bad day moved out of the city and everything ended well.

    Except Pengy who continued to (censored) around with many men. She soon became a cross-dressing-(censored) who had (dont know what it means but censored) with women. She was soon forbidden by god and taken to Hell alive with satin and chosen her as his assistant. The End!…

    … Oh and did I forget to mention what happened to the people who tried to take over Shyshy city? Um ok then. (clears throat) They were trapped underground by Shyshy’s Superhero Powers. She transformed and killed them. Then transformed back to human and had a nice bed with axcoolkenny03. The couple was best known as the perfect couple (nasty gardenax).(that was just nasty)

    Now my story’s at an end
    I will see you soon if ever again
    and Confirm my story to are my friend

    (Closes book)

  17. gardenax Says:

    (End of show music plays)


    Gardena Chill


    Levi as Gardena Chil
    Shyleen as Shyshy
    Tyler as Tyler
    Kenny as Axcoolkenny03
    Lyndal as Nochia

    and you do the rest my friend!

    shyshy6510:i dont really no 😆

  18. gardenax Says:

    The theme song is shakira: Hips don’t lie!

    shyshy6510:wow strange gardenax

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