My party


Today is May 26,2008,Monday-Memorial Day and to tell you the truth I wish I was in school, today it has been so boring.

Well May 24 was my party and 4 of my friends stayed tonight.Well a lot of people showed up.Well my cousins came at 1:00 ,but my party started at 5:00.My Aunt Erika came with my cake and with her four puppies that played in the backyard.We made a crazy room with a whole bunch of balloons and a lot of streamers which soon got torn down.My twin cousins (like 2 or 3 years old) liked that room the best and they actually had fun when they usually don’t at parties which was good.When everyone (mainly everyone) was there we just like sat and talked for about 30 minutes.Then we had food.My mom,my uncle,and I all made real potato salad that all got eaten up,fruit salad just fruit cocktail and applesauce,BBQ andHot chicken wings,macaroni,spinach which my mom forgot to put out,pasta salad which my mom forgot to put out again,and we made cookies,but most of them got burnt so we ate those before the people arrived.Then after we ate we had a water balloon fight which was probably the best part for all the kids.All of my friends got soaked in water,but after that we went upstairs and changed,and got towels and got dried off.Then we went downstairs and got my cake out which was so pretty.It was a marble cake that had chocolate frosting on the sides.IT had a big heart up near the corner that had my baby Easter picture (my face) in the heart.Above that it said “happy birthday” and in the other corner it said “Shyleen” (my name) ,it also had a picture of Minnie Mouse saying “I feel pretty”.Then we all ate that cake and ice cream (Oreo and vanilla) then we went to open up my presents and cards!I got big brain academy the board game,2 picture frames,a stuffed dog that says “puppy love”,a seashell necklace,a beaded palm tree and flamingo bracelet,a dog dude mug with candy,and $49.00 in money!It was so cool.Then people started leaving.My grandma is real big on the thing that “even if it isn’t your birthday you still leave with something anyways thing”lol.Everybody got something no matter how small it was or how big everyone got something.Then me and my friends al went upstairs and talked.Later on in the night like 8:00 we all went outside and played tag.Then we did sparklers 3 for everyone (my friends).Then we went back inside and went upstairs.We started to lay down and we were gonna watch this scary movie.Well I went to the bathroom and they stood around both the corners and when I came out all four of them  grabbed me and I freaked out.Big time!Then me and my friend went downstairs and got the left over peanut butter cookie dough and two of my friends got a cup of Trix cereal, weird,I know.Then we watched “One missed call” the movie where they hear their death and then they die a couple of days later.Then to get all of the scariness away we watched “Superstar” a really funny movie where this girl  wishes everyday that she’ll be able to kiss this one dude,John Travolta plays him.She was practicing how to kiss and she made out with a tree and a stop sign.Super duper funny seriously!Then we went to sleep,woke up at like 9:00.We all had waffles and sausages,except for my one friend because she left at like 11:00 and we ate like 30 minutes after that.Then we all just did eachother’s hair until everyone left and then my grandma came and picked me up at 1:30.

That was my weekend,superly duperly fun!

Also the medieval Party is officially over,Boo Hoo.


4 Responses to “My party”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    My birthday party rocked so much it was so much fun,also if johncena or lilg8tr whatever comment they are both my cousins in real life so what they say is what they say

  2. Luluboo Says:

    Hey hey, was up shy, cool website!

  3. mileysis21 Says:

    oh man i wish i went to the party it musted been cool i realy realy wish i was there since i was reading it kk bye

  4. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    How old are you now?

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