New pin,wizard hat,cheats


Today is not the 26th it’s the 25 and my birthday was the 23rd Friday,I had so much fun and my boy friend  told me happy birthday

If you go to the lighthouse you can get the newest free item ,the Wizard hat.It’s cool and it is on a table!

New pin!Go to the boiler room which you can access from the nightclub or the pool and check out the anvil maker.If you click on the pot of iron it will dump and go into a process to make the cool anvil pin.

Go to the pet catalog in the pet shop of course and go to the 2nd page and click on the little brown flower SE of the green pufflehouse.You have now found the gray puffle house.



One Response to “New pin,wizard hat,cheats”

  1. vaisha;li Says:

    wat table

    shyshy6510 (my response)

    there was a table in the lighthouse when the medieval party was going on,I mean you couldnt have missed it ,when i was there people were surrounding it like crazy!

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