My vodpod videos are under construction because the site is under maintenance , whatever , ate the moment so I can’t put any cool videos on it.When I can put videos on it please comment on the ones you like and/or don’t like.You can rate them to on a base of 1-10 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest!Hope you like them.I am gonna start signing mine also that way if I get any new authors you will know who wrote what!

shyshy6510-bye for now

At the flea market all I got was 3 mood rings one for my best friends,I got a diamond shaped one and this other one.Mine has only turned dark blue-happy ,purple -romance or love and green-mixed emotions.My uncle and I,  he’s 12,but he’s only related to me through marriage (my grandma his dad) well we both got a giant cookie and we got a loaf of banana nut bread which looks so good.We got this leech smelling stuff that you rub on the bait when you fish,and we got some fake fish bait that have fish slime on them ,ew.That’s it.Got your comments put them here!

shyshy6510-bye for now


One Response to “Also”

  1. clubpenguinbraves Says:

    love the site its awsome id love to get some tips from u

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