I went-


Today is may,30,2008 friday.I went fishing.

I wentfishing today at a lake like 10 minutes away from my house.I caught six fish and one of them I caught in it’s eyes and it’s like pupil popped out…. super ewww.It was fun.And today at my school the pals and table washers and crap all got to go to fun&stuff which is a really fun place.I didn’t get to go ,but oh well because I had fun with my friends (boys) and we all sat outside to eat for lunch and we had so much fun.My boyfriend though looks sadder around me that’s what everyone says I look sadder around him too though so that was about the worse part and he lost my number and I keep on going to call him and then I get scared and freak out so I am gonna call him tomorrow,Saturday.


One Response to “I went-”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Kung Fu Panda Nikki nik

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