Check this out!


Go to to check out thier new post for their blog.

They are messing with a logo for the penguin mail thing here is what they said!

Hello Penguins!
I hope all of you who received the CPIP Server Test thank you item are enjoying it! There’s been a lot of talk recently about the release of the new features and I want to give you an update on all of them, but to make it easier, we’re going to focus on one per post. 
First–and the feature I’m most excited about–is Penguin Mail. A couple of weeks ago I talked briefly about an update to the postcard system. If you missed that post, you can check it out in the archives of this blog. 
The team has been working really hard on this feature.
Here’s the logo they’re playing with. 
It will also be way easier because you be able to send buddies a postcard even if they are not logged in, and you’ll also be able to delete and SAVE your mail.
As always, we would love to know what you think.  So keep up the feedback–it helps a lot!
I’ll have more info on Penguin Mail, the new player card and login next week. 
Until then…waddle on!
-The Club Penguin Team

That’s what they said can’t wait

also I am administrating 3 websites,3,can you believe it,if you don’t know what administrating means on here it practically means that you own the website and you can do anything.The websites that I am administrating at the moment are

that’s all of them it’s crazy seriously!

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  1. folkman10 Says:

    cool site

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  3. gardenax Says:

    Cool site too

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