Yesterday I went over to my friend’s grandma in-laws house and their next door neighbor was on vacation.They were in Las Vegas,gamble,gamble,and some more gamble!!!They had a pool and they are allowed to use it for the weekend so we went swimming for a while.We also had a big bonfire and we had marshmallows,graham crackers,and chocolate!yummy yummy yummy!We watched half of Alvin and the chipmunks then we all went home around 11:00 pm.When we got home we all changed and her little sister slept in her room,her mom and step dad went to bed and me and her slept on the floor and watched Mad Money the new movie with Queen Latifah in it.I like that movie.Then today when we woke up we just sat there for a while and chilled.Then she tried to straighten my hair for a while but it kept on getting curly which was bad.Then we walked places and we walked past this boy and he kept on saying come here  come here but we kept on walking i guess he thought we were though i got a man ..cause i don’t want your man cause i got it like that and it don’t even gotta be like that ha ha ha ha ha cause your man he keep calling me back,to say I’m fine and a matter of fact…he like how i do that thing fit my jeans over baby phat,listen cause i don’t know the types of tricks you playing but i can tell you i don’twant your man!sorry about the spelling mistakes or the messed up capitalization errors like on ‘i’ for instance lol well that was my Sunday and Monday so far if anything else happens..ill let my viewers know!
shyshy6510-bye for know


2 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. charmberries Says:

    ok were u in a rush or sumthing?

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    no just didnt feel like capitalizing stuff lol

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