Viewers,and Readers listen up!


Everyone I have been doing this for a long time,it’s not something bad so don’t worry,well whenever someone comments here and they leave a website name (url OR link) I usually check out their site and see whats happening and see if they have a idea that I might like!

How I got penguin passowrds and usernames I saw it on a lot of people’s websites so I thought okay
Same with the advertise yours if someone is getting bored with my website they can check out that place so they’ll have somewhere else to put their comments,not just my site!

Also for people that check here daily,I don’t think there are many of you,but Charmberries used to be on here but then I fired her,because of something dumb,well not so dumb actually it was becasue of pictures.

Well that’s my update and also for all you people that know I have a boyfriend
Well I think he’s on vacation these are my three thinking reasons
1.)on vacation
2.)he’s avoiding me,uhh..not cool
3.) or he’s never home
Also I call him everyday at 6:00 pm.,atleast once a day sometimes twice if I get a feeling he’s  home!

shyshy6510-bye for now

Also remember admins always sign your name!


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