We are giving away a fully loaded penguin!!! He is going to have 5000 coins all the backgrounds alot of free items all the puffles. all the colors. He will also have friends as me pixiedustdog juanuaci sk8spence shyshy and more. Here Is the contest. We are going to be holding a super funny picture contest!!! Here are the rules. 1. You must have proof its your pic not someone elses. 2. a link to your pic. (to give me thye link comment on this post with your penguin name and your link. To get a link post a pic on to wordpress like a new post and then click on that pic and get the link. Or go to photo bucket upload the photo and give the linkto the page.) 3. 1 PIC ONLY. ALL OTHERS WILL BE DELETED.


2 Responses to “PENGUIN GIVE AWAY!!!”

  1. gardenax Says:

    and I will not stop until you reach 500 hits

  2. gardenax Says:

    i mean 600

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