Well here is my weekend plans-also my weekend starts on Friday!

Friday June 20 – I am doing nothing really ,but saturday is the best day

Saturday June 21 -I am going to the Lebron James Bikeathon Downtown Akron,we all get blue schwinn bikes that look okay I guess I already have a blue mountain bike,well I am going there at 7:00 am. to early for me ,but oh well anyway,Also I live in Akron just in case you are wondering because it’s downtown Akron lol
Well at 1:00pm that same day I am going with my grandma,my second grandpa,my uncle whos 12,my mom,and my little sister and me and maybe one of my friends most likely,and we are going to my aunts boat house.Her house is on a lake and we go swimming and tubing there and it’s really fun seriously.Tubing is when you are in like a inflatable tube with a rope hooked to it and your being pulled by a boat and you could fly out I have be for it’s sorta fun,and sometimes we go couching it’s like a lay down couch with handles that you hold on to with like 3 other people and it’s like tubing ,but a little diffrent!Well that’s my saturday!

Sunday June 22-I dont know what I am doing lol but I don’t think I am going to church becasue we will be up to late to wake up so early!


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