Furniture secrets!


Igloo Furniture Catalog Secrets

Click the Surf Beach Towel for the Inflatable Dragon

Click the Seaweed for the Clam

Click the Sunset Painting for the Lava Lamp

sorry I am so late about posting them ,sorry,I am also about to make a secret agent cheat page,but it might take me a while because I am putting all the cheats on one page because I don’t know how to do that link stuff,so oh well,well check it out when I’m done!Also everyone new secret agent mission 8 !Check it out,I like this one the best because it includes detals also when your in the lighthouse and the purple penguin is pushing away the cream soda well I have that picture on my website so check it out,I got excited when I saw that to!

shyshy6510-bye for know!


5 Responses to “Furniture secrets!”

  1. pucca109 Says:

    Shyshy6510! I got a new story!! Please visit it!! (You need to scroll down until you see it! I don’t have like any pages. I can’t find my other page!!)

  2. pucca109 Says:

  3. Froogly Says:

    awesome site

    President of FRO

  4. gardenax Says:

    Hey Shyshy

  5. gardenax Says:

    Sorry I haven’t been on, lots of things has been going on for the past week. And Im not allowed to go to chat since may. Also my other computer crashed so i can’t go there. I have to use my dads laptop. I might quit computer. Thanks for copying the new chat ports.

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