New info


                               Sneak peak clothing catalog item!

Here is a picture of one of many new outfits coming out this Friday!



They say that many of the new outfits coming out this Friday will like help us with the new upcoming July party,which is very cool.I wonder though what type of party will it be?I like how the shirt is though because it is pink which us girls like,also if you can see it it has a white undershirt under the shirt!Which is good because know we know that billybob, rsnail,and all those other people are actually working to make some better looking clothes for us penguins!Also that like silver rod is a guitar because when i was on says on the picture like if you scroll over it it says ‘sneakpeek_guitar.jpg’ so obviously it’s a sneak peek of the newest guitar I guess,they need to make like a girlie guitar!

                                  New type of igloo update,coming soon!

Here is how our igloos are going to become,they look funny I know,the difference is that you can see the outside of your house,I wonder are they going to make some animals,come out every once in a while for us to see,also I wonder is this is going to be the same with double floored igloo’s,we will just have to wait and see.They say just because they haven’t been posting lately it’s because they have been trying to squash bugs (viruses) , I don’t know when they plan on having this done,but hopefully soon!They didn’t plan on doing this,but so many people have been suggesting that it would make a lot more sense,that they decided to finally do it!cpip-blog-fri2.jpg

It looks strange and abnormal,but I hope it turns out okay!

                                               Server updates


This is what the log in servers are going to start looking like,look at the bottom of it and it says amount of penguins on line so you can decide should i go here with one friend or here with two or three it makes a lot more sense,when you get down to the bottom of it!


Here is what the login looks like right know at this very moment!

(Here’s what they said about all of this)
The new log in shows you the servers you and your friends visit most frequently.  In the current system you have to choose a country and then choose from a long list of servers that you may or may not visit. 

For those of you who really like to see the entire list of servers, you’ll definitely be able to do that too. But the default view will be grouped by servers you visit most with your friends–wherever you’re from.

If you have your doubts about anything that I just said check out these websites that prove it all!  also

They are both links to go straight to the website!
Post your comments!

shyshy6510-i did it all lol

One Response to “New info”

  1. behemothfiles Says:

    wow i never knew that would happen

    shyshy6510:i know for real

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