New Player card update


Here’s what our clubpenguin player cards are going to look like,not much difference!

player card a.jpg

But look at this picture!

player card 3a.jpgThey are saying this about how it’s going to look and more!

  • they are still squashing bugs so don’t worry about the upcoming updates on everything,they are definitely still working on it!
  • we will be able to sort our clothes by category like our furniture inventory,how it’s all organized
    but we will still be able to see all of our stuff together how it shows in the first picture at the bottom,all items
  • we will be able to see the clothes we put on our penguin as SOON as we put them on,which I think is really cool!
  • there is still going to be a clear all button so that we can just take of all of our items without taking them off one at a time
  • they hope to have this feature launched in a couple of weeks (2-3 I mean that’s a couple right)
  • they also want you to go to their website as soon as the feature is launched,they want all the feedback that they can get!

That’s all for know

shyshy6510-bye for know I’ll be back with more updates


2 Responses to “New Player card update”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Congradulations on getting almost 1,000 hits! I got 9,000!

  2. gardenax Says:

    Comment back

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