Newspaper #142


This issue of the newspaper talks about

  • Rockhopper coming back
  • Rockhopper sets sail July 7th
  • almost here is the new feature penguin mail!
  • -Penguin mail will include the following –
  • -it will be available to everyone-
  • -just click the envelope icon on top of the screen to open your mailbox-
  • -reply and delete postcard options will be available-
  • -you’ll be able to save postcards-
  • -send your buddies postcards even when they aren’t around-
  • -will be coming soon (a couple of weeks)-
  • -more details next week,until then-
  • done with penguin mail stuff
  • there’s a cool crossword puzzle I always do those ,when your done it pops up a yellow puffle in a red cape that’s saying ‘Congratulations’
  • -Events-
  • -July 1-6 light up the skies with some cool fireworks the fireworks can be seen from the iceberg and the fireworks can also be seen from the top of the ski hill mountain!-
  • -July 4 divas get ready to style it up with some cool new trends and some big wigs!-
  • -July 4 new pin hidden-
  • -July 11 the play Squidzoid returns at the stage-
  • -July 18 new furniture catalog-


That’s all for know!

shyshy6510-founder and owner of this awesome site

One Response to “Newspaper #142”

  1. 6mario4 Says:

    How do you get those bubs things

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