Hey people go to this website http://human-age.comit is a awesome website where you like travel through time.My name is shyshy on there put ? just on this post about it I will definitely will answer them and you can add me as a referrer if you sign up,please do,it’s a great website and it’s challenging!Add me if you sign up!   it rocks click it just click it,easy free registration

Also people this week I might be behind in posts maybe because I have vacation bible school all this week starting tomorrow Monday from 9:15am to 11:00am!well please comment and ill comment at your website if you have one!


8 Responses to “Human-age”

  1. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    I work on gardenaxs site now. lol i may add you if i become admin. lol.


    dont add me because i always coment opn gardenas website and like he always comments on mine and we are friends on here and you are just so mean i mean you never help out with anything,you think your ‘job’ on here is so hard,you dont do anything!

  2. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    y did you remove me again? grrr…


    i removed you becasue you dont do anything not anything i mean nothingaround here wow you made 5 posts or 6 maybe and you changed the header thing that still looks weird,big whoop

  3. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    y did you remove pixiedustdog?


    i removed pixiedustdog cuz she only made 1 post and also she said that she wont be on the computer a lot while she has that splint thing on her finger or wherever she got hurt
    it’s none of your business anyways

  4. gardenax Says:

    I registered at human age like a few days ago. Im like 4 or 5 days old

  5. shyshy6510 Says:

    gardenax that is so cool add ‘shyshy’ as a friend

  6. gardenax Says:

    k. but read the comment I just left you on the post ahead of this

  7. shyshy6510 Says:

    i did read it

  8. gardenax Says:

    Oh tomorrow is National Boo Boo Day!


    i am so seriously happy to meet you on it was so awesome.also that is some nice good news.but hey its not on my calendar,must not be real,lol : )

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