Updated about feature launch


Hello Penguins!

Your excitement over the upcoming features is encouraging! It’s my goal to keep all of you up to speed on how things are going as the team prepares to launch the new features. 
I just received a pretty major update. They found a few new bugs today that are going to take a couple days to fix! 
So, while our goal was to launch today, we’re now aiming to have everything live early next week. 
Thanks for your patience–I know the team appreciates all your support and encouragement as they’re working day and night on this project until it’s done!
Hello Penguins, 

It’s amazing what can change in a day! Since my last post (yesterday!) the team uncovered a couple major bugs with the new features that will take a few days to fix. While the team hoped to launch the features today, the plan is to have everything fixed and ready to launch by early next week. 
CPIP has been a pretty big project for everyone and it all started in March with the Server Test that many of you were a part of! And it’s not over yet. Your patience and excitement about this project has been a huge help and continues to be the closer we get to completing it!
I will keep you updated with news about how the testing is going as soon as I know more. For now, the team is aiming to be ready early next week.
I can’t stand clubpenguin they say one thing and do the other!!!!They are so dumb and being s mean,they told us Thursday and we waited and waited and know we got to wait till early next week.And who knows what early next week means to them!
sincerely shyshy6510 can’t stand clubpenguin also vote on my skull poll on the side
post as many comments as you want,NO SPAM

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