Tons of new stufff!!!


This is going to be like one big awesome post by shyshy6510!!

Well clubpenguin is doing so good they made a game!For Nintendo ds!!I have a ds,and gonna get the game!

cp-ds-art-blog2.jpgIn the game you take on a special role on the elite penguin force and you have to solve mysteries even secret agents don’t know about ! That’s just the start you will be able to play some cool mini games and earn coins and rewards  that can be transferred into your clubpenguin account!!They will have more info in the next couple of months,they want the game out in stores in a couple of months!!Can’t wait!
Don’t believe me,click the link! so awesome!

Feature Review 1-New Server selections!

Well first of all when you log in you have to retype all of your information again and that orangesign about passwords is a lot bigger,the screen looks a lot bigger period.Also there are five pages of servers,they don’t let you pick a country,just one big thing 🙂 ,also they are all listed in alphabetical order strange!And the ultimate safe chat servers are like spread apart something I don’t like 😦

Feature Review 2-Penguin mail!

I love penguin mail,as soon as I logged on I already had 3 messages one from Greenoiscool and one from some girl named Sumo and some numbers,she was having a party!Well first of all it’s in the upper left section of the screen of clubpenguin!Allows you to save postcardsand send postcardsto friends even when they aren’t on line.:-)!There are two different types of envelopes,the one with the 🙂 is a buddy invitation and the regular one has all your postcards!Also shows how many messages you have,the postcard catalog is different,the number on top of the regular envelope shows how many unread messages you have,here are some pictures!And there is a free blue messenger bag (blue) penguins created after the update do not get the blue mailbag!

Feature Review 3-New PLayercard
The new player card only has 1 tab which is a lot better,it sorts all of your pins,rewards,and backgrounds,there’s not a lot to talk about this subject

Feature Review 4-Igloo Background
The new igloo background is the best one,sorta,because there’s nothing to not like about it!Well the igloo has a forest background really nice better than the blank white background.Also when you go to ‘edit’ your igloo the background is like a giant piece of paper,and there is no done button it’s a save igloo button it’s on a disk!

Feature Review 5-Member’s igloo,map!
There is a giant map,and it shows all of the igloos that can be accessed all you have to do is scroll over the igloo with your mouse,I don’t like this feature at all sorry clubpenguin team,it is to hard to get where your gpoing if you got to sit here and wait for it to load and everything else!!;-)Though the clubpenguin team said that there will soon be a pull down list that you can see the igloo’s open like it used to be,there is a limted amount of igloos that can be open and showed on igloo map!

More cool features!

1.When you delete someone a little message pops up saying ‘Done’
2.The spyphone if your a secret agent it located at the bottomleft of the clubpenguin screen,you can teleport,play with tools and all the other things you can do in missions!
3.The green puffle has left it’s spot on top of the speaker at the night club,and has moved to the hockey rink,it seems to really like the puck so no one can play,clubpenguin has said hat this is a temporary thing it will be changed back soon,the ice rink is like the new green puffle hang out!
4.If you keep on pressing space then press send a empty chat bubble will pop up
5.If a buddy logs in the same server your in a little box will pop up telling you
6.People are saying you can have more than 100 buddies,I do not know this I only have about 15 friends right now,I only keep friends that are on alot and I know personally and talk to a lo!
7.Your puffle can send you mail,you better feed him!
8.You can’t even see people’s puffle stats anymore,that sucks 😉 no more yelling at bad penguins who don’t feed their puffles
9.The loading list  has changed on sled racing!It looks really weird :mrgreen:
10.Mountain is now called the Ski Hill but when you go to it,it says loading Mountain
11.You can have unlimited buddiesUpdate once you have around 200 most get deleted,or the person who says yes doesn’t show up on your buddy list thing
12.Right click your mouse and press zoom in and you can see everything bigger!
13.The find a buddy button has been replaced with a question mark!  ❓
14.Rooms  do not get full easily so more time to try to find fever and billybob also mimo777
15.Also I have noticed (this isn’t important) well I have noticed that when you press on someone’s player card it like loads their things one at time,which is really weird to me atleast
16.When there is a new newspaper it doesn’t have that ‘new’ little thing on it anymore it just sits there,well mine didn’t tell me it was new!
17.if you have tabs and open up two clubpenguin log-in screens it will say ‘Multiple connections detected.Please disconnect old connections’ never happened to me before

That’s it have anything I forgot go ahead and comment!



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    Guys also come here to enter your blog on the blog awards and have your site rated you might win the blog awards. And you might win a free blog!


    hey gardenax i went there and like i dont know where to enter or anything

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