New Stuff!


The New Pin is located at the pool,it has to do with music,and you remember that post I made about the new game that is going to be coming out,everything is based on music!Seriously it’s going to be a dj game!

New music,if you have a stereo thing!I like fiesta the best:!: 😆

credit to simmer27

New Furniture catalog,mainly lots of music stuff
Click the Upright Piano for the Guitar Stand

Click the Coffee Shop Tree for the Vegetable Garden

Click the Seaweed for the Clam

credit to watex/fever

That’s it and wait,one more thing!

credit to straw000

And lastly, here is the NEW Walk on Pathways Glitch/Cheat: A pathway is somewhere where when you usually go, it’ll take you to another place on the map, such as the right/left pathways next to the Town. However, with this cheat, you won’t be taken to another map. First, click on the part of the pathway you want to go to. Now while you’re still walking, click the Penguin Mail envelope at the top left. Stay in the P-Mail thing, viewing your postcards/mail, until you think you have stopped walking. Then exit P-Mail and you are standing on a pathway! Now you can dance, talk, whatever!

I thought the last one was the best,I was doing it and it works also,people were adding me like crazy seriously!

Credit to watex,straw000, and simmer27
CountryWest_01[1].jpgthis is what you can look forward to for the music jam,There’s the music sneak peek for the game below!


4 Responses to “New Stuff!”

  1. juanuaci Says:

    wats the stage in the forest for??

  2. gardenax Says:

    Have your site rated at winner will get 20+ hits for a 1 week

  3. gardenax Says:

    Like how I give you 20 hits. LOL.

  4. gardenax Says:

    Oh (censored), I shall give you 20 hits starting from 1,935


    oh dude seriously you so need to stop that ❗ seriously 👿 😆

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