Freaking weird!


Hey people this uy name Pkjw sent me a postcard to come play cart surfer,I went and played,I beat the game.It said you have won -6509 coins you now have 666 coins!
It was so weird I was so freaked out seriously:!: no lie!!


so obsessed!

7 Responses to “Freaking weird!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    the lightning will only show up once when you first get on the site so umm you might have to repress something to see it it says shyshy6510

  2. gardenax Says:

    This is a rating of B you in the competition


    good better than a f

  3. funcoolcp Says:

    well, the other day i had somethin’ like 2500 coins and suddenly i had 630!! i was like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then i played puffle round up (i did about 4 rounds) and it said i got 1600 coins!!!! again i was like OMG!!!!!! but it was soooooooo cool cuz i acually got all those coins!!!!!! oh and also there is something weird happening with my puffles! 😛 😀


    super strange seriously though but seriously i was so freaked out about the cart surfer thing seriously cuz dude that would take a long time to get that -6500 coins back up i am saving up all my coins to make the ultimate stage!!

  4. donuts11 Says:

    I added you since yesterday. I’m really sorry I got so confused with the name i messed it up so I realized that I had to change the blogroll sorry. But I added you.


    thnx also your name is really confusing you signed it justrokstar but your name is donuts 11 strange

  5. Mimo777 Says:

    Shyshy6510 rocks!

    (the simpsons rule)


    thanks you so much mimo i sota doubted you for a minute but never to long,people that comment above was not made by me it was made by the awesome mimo777 i only added this part because i was so excited also i added his banner so he commentted,so happy!!!!!!!! :mrgreen: 😯 (shock:!:)

  6. gardenax Says:

    I shall give you 20 hits starting from 2,047! And comment on my site plz.


    thnx and i will

  7. donuts11 Says:

    no cauze im using my couzins site donuts11 and she said I could use it.
    -Justrokstar 😆 :mrgreen:


    oh donuts 11 😆 sounds weird

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