Big Warning!!


Someone named CP Extreme is going around and stealing passwords. He has this name for AIM. He created a key logger, then try’s to get you to download it. Once you do, your doomed. It will steal, and wipe your whole computer hard drive. It logs your passwords, program codes, and everything. Do not trust anyone with the following names, because they have the key logger, and are trying to key log people.

  • Star Viper
  • Yankees271
  • Big Red
  • 619shawnhbk
  • shawnwwe619
  • CP Extreme

Key logger is an illegal program. Don’t even look it up. That’s a bad choice. The program is bad. If you use it, you can be fined, or put in jail.

CP Extreme tells you that he has all kinds of passwords stored on a notepad, but he doesn’t. The purpose of this post, is to warn Mohd222 not to download ANY file. I don’t care who it is from.

Mohd, do not download any file from anyone. Unless you know you can trust them. People like Shawn and CP Extreme have plans to destroy you.

Anyways, I will be posting a Club Penguin free membership contest soon. Stay tuned.

Mohd222’s Edit: Look what the guy said to me on AIM.

[01:53] XtremeCPenguin: HI!, Im gonna log your password!

Block that guy, and if he IM’s you, don’t reply. Just block him.


This is from site do not even look up that word,jail may be in your hamds!!They have hard mattresses and nasty food,trust me!!Not that I have been there,I know someone

5 Responses to “Big Warning!!”

  1. lulukey Says:

    can i be on your blogroll i have all the requirements here is my site url:


    yea i’ll add you,if you have all the reguirements definitely:!:

  2. I'LL NEVER TELL!!!! Says:

    i posted on mimo’s site about this

  3. donuts11 Says:

    This is ridicuous. I’m really (censored) off that lots are using cp trainers the amount is growing. The only reason that theyre using Cp Tainers are the want popularty. I have banned every Cp Trainer User since Tuesday! I’m getting really angry that Club Penguin is letting Cp Trainers allowed.


    same heer popularity doesnt mater on cp,well it does but still,you don’t need to have a cp trainer to be popular,just get your name well known,i mean throw a really big party!!

  4. juanuaci Says:



    i know they are so ignorant!!

  5. gardenax Says:

    It’s like Club Penguin! Many Salt Sacks are using a Cp Trainer on club penguin just to be famous and cool, it’s getting annoying. Also the server might crash! Club Penguin works to hard to make their site perfect, and those stupid ppl say things like “Dance here if you like old cp” and they’re even trashing it with a hack program. If club penguin crashes I am really gonna kill them. It’s a waste of membership!


    i know super waste of membership,because like i got my membership in march for 6 months and it expires august 31,like 2 days before i start middle school,which really sucks,and i just made my igloo so cool,i am going to get another membership anyways though

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