Cp stuff and other


The green puffle, Keeper, has also returned to the Night Club.

And here’s just some info on the party: At the Dojo, if you step onto the colored tile (when no one’s on it yet, it’ll light up and start playing the big instrument behind the tile)green=big drum,red=red electric guitar,yeelo=maracas(2007 i have 2 maracas one from heer and the other from the mexican party a while back) and finally blue=the blue bass guitar(i think thats what it’s called). At the Lighthouses’s stage, if no one is on it, it stops and goes dark.

Lastly, the new DJ Game, DJ3K, is available at the Night Club. Unfortunately, they kept everything in the sneak peek, but took my name off. ( The point of the game is to be a DJ and create a song with lots of effects using all the buttons, tapes, knobs, etc. The longer you DJ there and the better the song, the more coins you get when you exit (To exit, click the X at the upper right). For more help on this game, go here. Billybob has said this game will be PERMANENT. And it doesn’t seem to provide a ‘play your song in your igloo’ feature like we predicted.


aLSO me shyshy6510 has noticed that differnt places look like the t-shirts at the snowforts.Today they look like the pink flower shirt,At the ski village it is the purple and gold music shirt.There are lots of differnt themes and remember that the dock and lighthouse stages change everyday!

Stuff that happened to me today!

And,Well today I went  to get a pair of shoes.We have to wear uniforms next year(I’l be in 6th grade and stupid uniforms I have to wear till high school-3 years).The shoes I got are dress hsoes all black,they have like a thick heel on the back and a latch in the middle.They look like really dress chuch shoes that would look great with some khacki colored pants :lol:!It sucks seriously we have to wear dumb uniforms it really sucks and I am getting a pair of all white Airforces for school.(if you don’t know what Airforces are wow,your weird,they are like the hippest shoes right now,those and Lebrons!)

In other newsmy computer appointment thing got rescheduled.It is getting hooked up Tuesday by the retarded Geek Squad.I swear weren’t they supposed to come tomorrow,Sunday!!!I guess not!Well that and umm please visit this awesome site,really awesome LOL

http://gardenax.wordpress.com awesome site

Gardena Chill runs the site which is totally awesome and i check everyday a long with fevers and mimo777!

please visit!and vote on the poll,oh and the dock has been changed girly,Pink Dominates The Dock!!!


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