Penguin Band Background


The Club Penguin Band has been taking a break from the stage at the Iceberg. They’ve been hanging out Backstage (in the VIP section of the Dock) giving out a new background, like Rockhopper! Each member will be on a random, different server Backstage. Good luck searching! I suggest looking through the populated servers first. Click on the buddy button to get the autographed background.

Here’s what the background looks like. Unfortunately, it’s members only.

Here’s the band: G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, and Franky.

Other:they always go backstage (v.i.p. room),in order to go backstage even if you are a member you must go to the snow forts,click the stand,and buy a 50 coin v.i.p. backstage pass,and they mostly go on servers that are populated with a lot of penguins that way more people have a chance of seeing them


9 Responses to “Penguin Band Background”

  1. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Oh man! Not fair! I wish V.I.P. was also for NON-MEMBERS!


    im v.i.p. lol non members

  2. donuts11 Says:

    im a non member. well until thursday. heheheh paying the bill. O. and i have a program right for you for taking pics. you dont need paint. use hypercam.


    whats the site and is it free,i hate trials,give me the site

  3. donuts11 Says:

    i mean hypersnap


    whats the site

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    hey whats the site

  5. jeditad Says:

    ok that bites, now im kinda mad. i want most of my penguins to have there background


    LoL well become a member i am a member until august 31 6 month membership and then i am becoming a member again

  6. juanuaci Says:

    uh i will send u hypersnap ok here it is


    thanks if that even is the link

  7. chetlu671 Says:

    Hi shyshy,

    This is chetlu671. Thanx for stopping by my page :). And i’m super glad you added me to your blogroll, by the way, as soon as i got your comment, i put you on mine. It would be cool to meet you on Cp. If your on just comment and tell me i’ll be there!


    ill comment on your site and go to the place immediately

  8. 123kde Says:

    theres a contest on my site

    spread the word!!!!!!!!

    copy this and post it everywhere -123kde

  9. mrc1996 Says:

    Cool blog i wish i had one like this


    thnx i try

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