New iMac computer


I can do all the stuff i did before but now i can take screenshots . I’ll update you friday unless I get on the comp. at my cousin’s house so until then bye.I will figure out the screen shot thing when I get back


13 Responses to “New iMac computer”

  1. gardenax Says:

    It worked! My comments aren’t marked as spam anymore!


    wonder how that happened

  2. gardenax Says:

    time to spam jk



  3. gardenax Says:

    I deleted some of ur comments. I had a temporary post thats why.


    oh sorry for accusing you of all that fruck shyshy stuff

  4. junckymunckyakalaura Says:




  5. donuts11 Says:


    thnx 🙂

  6. 123kde Says:

    hey shyshy if you win my contest what do you want for your prize comment your prize on my site asap

    p.s.remember you can hav these options

    1 be on my cp buddy list,be an author on my site and be a highly recomendid site or

    2 make up your own within reason


    a highly reccomendation would be just fine i mean i dont like being an author so scrath that

  7. bubba1960 Says:

    i might beet u in 123kde’s contest! i had a good entry too!,
    PS: i have all the prizes, so u might still get one


    yea you are prob gonna make urself win

  8. donuts11 Says:

    lol i hate writing. But i have no clue why i have a site. 😆


    1 a peng. from who?

  9. gardenax Says:

    The Spam

    created by Gardenax
    Illistrated by N/A
    emotions from Gardenax
    Animations N/A

    Well secretly you know what happened?:( 8) I entered this contest on sheevmista1’s site and then I commented over 300 times of course (new computer comment record),:D then my comments went as a spam. 😮 Thanks to the work of everyone’s site I commented on I was able to comment unspamed. :)And what did you do? Simple really, you unspammed my comments and it took 15 days for the akismet to realize my comments were spammed to their hell no’s! So that’s how it all happened.

    The End:D

  10. gardenax Says:




  11. empleongirl Says:

    Hi! Im empleongirl. You might not remember me but you left a comment on my site. I gave you a responce, but you probably figured it out already. Kep up good work!!!!!!!


    the comment just left ,left me confused

  12. empleongirl Says:

    Please leave a comment on my site! Oh I added you to my blogroll! 😀 awesome site!


    ill add u

  13. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    well were all gone for a while then!



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