iMac screenshots,help please!


Hi this is shyshy6510 speaking here,as you may have known I got my iMac computer hooked up this past Tuesday I was on it for 5 minutes that day then off to my cousins house I went.I came back today,friday,and I want to know how to take screenshots.I know how to already you hold command+shift+4 and you can pick what you want to take a screenshot of.I know how to do all that.But what I want to really know is how do you upload the picture to the web,is my main concern.I have like a lot of pics of the clothing catalog and some of rockhoppers boat and the pin!But I can’t get them on here.Also for whoever does answer my question ,how do you edit the pocture,like circle something(clothing catalog) or like color something in!Please answer my question!

How do you upload pictures (of screenshots) you already took,to your wordpress blog?!? 



7 Responses to “iMac screenshots,help please!”

  1. donuts11 Says:

    easy. First you press upload image with the picture of a picture and then browse through your file and upload! 😉


    thanks i’ll try it,and one of the weird things is that like anything you type,everything is spell check so if i said like yay it underlines it red,so weird

  2. gardenax Says:

    😮 you dont even comment on my site anymore. my blog is getting lonely.

    well make more posts i can only comment so many times on each post or page 😆

  3. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    1.Press write a new post.
    2. At the top around where you name your post press add media.
    3. Press the button that looks like a picture.
    Press choose files to upload.
    4. If you put it on photobucket just get the direct link and put it in the link url box
    5.If you are using photobucket and this dosent work Just use the HTML code and paste that on HTML.

    Hope this helps!


    yea i hope it does to,i gotta write down all this stuff

  4. gardenax Says:


    hello gardenax

  5. shyshy6510 Says:

    hey dude whoever changed m header so needs to change it back,that header isn’t even cool

  6. juanuaci Says: get in my chat

  7. juanuaci Says:

    are u there

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