New stuff today!!


The new pin is at the nightclub it is under the green puffle which is bouncing up and down


Sorry people but like I can take pics but I don’t know how to upload em’ to site!!Well sorry but gotta be a watex copier which really sucks so umm here it goes.I promise as soon as I find out how to do all this crap i’ll put 110% effort into this site seriously!And axcoolkenny03 you better not have been the person to add imamod because I made the site and you need to ask me first!!!!

Rockhopper is on his way look through the telescope on top of the lighthouse and you’ll see he is still on his way!


Clothing catalog secrets!

Click the Blue shirt for the Jade Necklace

Click the Elvis hair for the Red Viking Helm

Close and open the Red Viking Helm four times for the Blue Viking Helm

Click the bottom of the pink sneaker for the Mixed Bracelets

Click on the upper left of the purple shield for the Woodsman’s Hat

Backgrounds – for Nonmembers too

There are four “new” backgrounds in the catalog. Three of them are old ones that have returned. One is brand new. Nonmembers can buy these too.

Last but not least, Rockhopper’s ship, The Migrator, is visible in the Telescope at the Beacon again.

 There are 3 new Band postcards you can send.
Cool postcards!


Will update if anything else new happens and wait one more thing about the blog on clubpenguin!
Look at this!


(sorry the picture won’t show for some odd reason look at it here

 Hi everyone.  Screenhog here.

In just a few days, the new Aqua Grabber level comes out. Above is an expanded image of the sneak peek Billybob posted last week. You’ll be able to play it next week.Also, new stuff in the Penguin Style catalog is out today.  Go get yourself some great new pieces for your penguin wardrobe.

In other news: I really love music and hope you’ve been enjoying the big Music Jam ’08 party.  As you know, there are so many things that make it special.  So before it gets taken down on August 5th, I wanted to tell you about some of the cool things you might not know about yet:  

  • Giant instruments at the Dojo
  • Icicles that sound like xylophones when you touch them in the Underground
  • Floor piano in the Underground Pool (try flipping the green switch when other penguins are on it)
  • Music stages that play only if someone is on them
  • Big stage that changes music each day
  • AND… The Dance Lounge:  Hit the green switch to change the big background.  Click it until you see the music notes.  See if you can figure out which game the music is from!
Until then…waddle on!  

-Club Penguin Team

Cool stuff,and if you have any information on uploading screenshots please tell me,I will reward you with idk
also imamod i am deleting you until someone gives me some answers about why your an admin on my site and why?Not to be mean or anything,I mean it’s fair
this is the watex editon of pictures my edition will be posted today august 2 as soon as i take all the pics!

6 Responses to “New stuff today!!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    dude what the heck are u axcoolkenny03, imamod because i mean what the heck was up with the little post you wrote! well i guess i am not deleting you well don’t make little post when you could fit more into it,lol,well still i guess Im not deleting you

  2. gardenax Says:

    (censored)(seriously stop gardenax!) Get out of my grave. (Not you shyshy)

    stop please

  3. juanuaci Says:

    i know y he got in your site inside it


    yea that doesn’t make any sense once so ever

  4. 11pokemon11 Says:

    Who’s imamod???


    i believe imamod is axcoolenny03,because both of their email addresses are like practically the same

  5. imamod Says:

    I am not axcoolkenny03. I am one of his biggest fans. I dont like juanuaci. I made Greenoiscool@gmAIL.COM CAUSE THAT IS MY CP ADDRESSS. I kinda like juanuaci but not that much.

    oh,well then who the (censored) added you?i am deleting you,until i get some answers! if you like axcoolkenny03 so much don’t you think you should just be on his blog,not mine

  6. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    Egad! He is here! He destroyed juanuacis 1st chat! he even banned him from his own chat!

    whos egad?

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