Can someone please make me a new header!

As you see somehow my header has gotten changed,and the one at the top is crappy!

I need a new header,I will meet you on clubpenguin or whatever,but I will be on the header!

1.If you make me a header,you can be an admin on my site
    -i will delete you if you do not update my site or like help me out
    -or if you have added people or wrote or made mean posts toward me or others! 
2.You can be recommended in a post to come to your site,if you have one 
3.You can be in my blogroll,if so not already.
4.You can be my friend on clubpenguin,and runescape if you have one!
5.And a random pick of your choice

Also people I have checked theban limits on Fruck Shyshy and Fruck Peace
Fruck Peace is 4 bans
Fruck Shyshy is 6 bans-which i don’t understand because you can still play on him-her 

if you wanna help ban them the passwords toboth of them are purple,just simply plain purple not hard to remember,and also when you log into them,like I have noticed penguin’s that have bad names are usually like penguin-then a lot of numbers,because both of them are penguin-then a lot of numbers 😆

well you got some banning to do,if they aren’t over the limit already or if they still have like some hours to go before you can ban them again!

love shyshy6510

oh and vote on the poll it’s about rockhopper and freak you soccerdude90!
(look at the comments,if he doesn’t like my site why he checking it daily,obviously and commenting!)

and for the cp news,click this link for the new post on http://community.clubpenguin.com/blog

Scavenger Hunt! (and an update)


7 Responses to “Header?”

  1. 123kde Says:

    umm ill help you with your header also check out the
    contest page and funnies page on my site


    and to proove my header skills thats the bottom of rockhoppers player card

    how would you know? im confuzzled know

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    well like where do you wanna meet,i’ll make you an admin now,and when it’s done my part of the dEAL shall be done

  3. 123kde Says:

    wanna meet at tundra right now if you dont respond in five mins ill make a knew one

    um my outfits kinda weird so dont ask about it yes im a boy

  4. 123kde Says:

    meet me at my igloo
    at tundru right now

  5. 123kde Says:

    i changed my weird outfit

  6. shyshy6510 Says:


  7. shyshy6510 Says:

    okay people contest closed 123kde has made me a headr but i still need o know what you want your random choice win thing is?

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