Rockhopper,Scavenger Hunt,and More!!


(Olympics have started today,August 8th,2008 Beijing,China!


Google,olympics,Beijing China 2008

Google,olympics,Beijing China 2008




Scavenger Hunt as started today!!!! As I promised here are the details!

I am wearing my rockhopper outfit in all of the pictures so you know it’s me!

Well first of all click the paper boat next to the moderator sign in the right hand corner
Here are the places and clues on where to find all the boats,which I found without any trouble !

1.On your boat quest make a start,to somewhere you can ride a cart. (go to the top of the mine)


bucket of water on top of mine

Location:bucket of water on top of mine

2.Surfer’s have to stay afloat,if they want to find this boat.(in the water at cove)


in the water at the cove

Location:in the water at the cove

3.In a shop where beans are ground,you’ll find a boat floating around.


in green bucket of water at coffee shop

Location:in green bucket of water at coffee shop

4.On snowy shores among the rocks,is where this missing boat is docked.(hidden in black rocks at beach)


hidden in black rocks at beach

Location:hidden in black rocks at beach

5.Below the streets is where it’s found,so head downstairs and swim around.(outside glass at pool)


outside glass at pool

Location:outside glass at pool

6.Poor Rory is in quite a kerfuffle,look for a boat near a puffle.(in green puffle bowl,nerar the game)


in green puffle bowl

Location:in green puffle bowl

7.Your nearly there,so don’t you stop!You’ll find this boat where penguins hop.


under dock bridge

Location:under dock bridge

8.If this boat were made of brick,it might make this place tip.


in water,near aqua grabber,ice berg

Location:in water,near aqua grabber,ice berg






Then select build a blueprint,and here is the finished blueprint

(sorry every time i go to take a picture of the finished blueprint rory’s stupid letter pops up!)


You will get a message from that idiot Rory and you should press ‘claim prize’


rory's message

rory's message



Then you will receive a background!
it shows the drawings and ideas of the rockhopper ship,igloo.


the background of blueprints

the background of blueprints






Stage info!!!

There is a new background called the gym background

all it is ,is some dub steps,gym background

all it is ,is some dumb steps,gym background

and if you go anywhere in the stage place and throw a snowball,it turns into a dodgeball.
The dodgeballs are awesome ,so go have a dodgeball fight! 

These are the dodgeballs!





Rockhopper news!!!

Free items are brown boots!


Brown Boots

Brown Boots

And there is a cheat for the steering wheel!


click the middle of the steering wheel to get the lifering

click the middle of the steering wheel to get the lifering

Here is a picture of the life ring


Life Ring-120 coins

Life Ring-120 coins


That’s It!!!


6 Responses to “Rockhopper,Scavenger Hunt,and More!!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    hey comment that you an see all of the pics,because on my pc 4 of the pics arent showing up

  2. pwnatizer Says:

    Idk where the Steering wheel is. :S

    the steering wheel is on the bottom of rockhopper’s catalog

  3. gardenax Says:

    Ya 4 of them isn’t showing

    sorry i’ll fix that,i took the from watex’s site but i saw them on 4 other peoples site so i just took em’

  4. gardenax Says:

    But the rest are

  5. gardenax Says:


  6. donuts11 Says:

    lol ryhmes.

    what do you mean rythmes

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