People listen up!


People listen up I would like you to go to

it’s an awesome cp site ran by 123kde himself(and others 😆 )


awesomeness 123kde himself in the flesh

awesomeness 123kde himself in the flesh



he has won my little contest notice for a new header and he is so awesome

he now has a reccomendation to go to his site,on blogroll,cp friend and now he just has to pick a random choice prize


10 Responses to “People listen up!”

  1. 123kde Says:

    aww thanks shyshy but i allready have my praze! a friend of mine called…

  2. 123kde Says:


  3. 123kde Says:

    also shyshy i was wondering wanna be an author on my site

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    doesnt matter to me,but what does an author do

  5. lazer56 Says:

    Hey, Check out my clubPenguin Blog at:


    sorry dude but i have an advertisement page for a reason,but i’ll copy the comment and put it on the advertise page,okay?

  6. chetlu671 Says:

    Hey Shyshy,

    No offense, but your tracker has said Winter Land for the past 2 days straight. I’m just saying.


  7. shyshy6510 Says:

    how do you know?i just got it today,and earlier it said offline,then it said blizzard so booyah 😆 but like it hasn’t been the same for 2 days

  8. Jirachi Says:

    It’s still me… 11pokemon11. Just wanted to change the name…

    cool and wow

  9. JirachiGirl Says:


  10. JirachiGirl Says:



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