hey visit my site for a contest shyshy works at this site also. there will allways be contests on my site except when im judging comment contests

their are different contests but their are comment contests too, but hurry you have no idea when it will end !!!!    




whats the prize you ask well………………………………….. YOU make up your own  (within reason)   HOW AWESOME IS THAT the within reason only means like I wont give you my site and some thing extreme like that. you like?  well then COME ON DOWN

simply click on the link below



                            contest(click to see if their are any contests going on!!!)






2 Responses to “contest”

  1. puppup1996 Says:

    Hey shy shy did u get those banners and i wanna make a deal u add me to admin and i willl add you to mine heres my email also chck out my site people who visit here cause i have 2 places open if shy shy declines this offer!

    i accept the offer,so you keep you part of the deal and no sorry i’ll get the banners and stuff right now

  2. gardenax Says:

    Poopoo taste like chocolate!

    123KDE: ummm ok?!?

    lol you got that off of crank dat homeless man,he said ‘and my poopoo taste like chocolate!’

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