Penguin Games and New Stuff!


Well Hey I am back here shyshy6510 well anyways I checked my usual sites and I see some stuff about the penguin Games,So I got on clubpenguin and found out more!

Here is a picture!


we are preparing for the penguin games 08'

we are preparing for the penguin games 08



And here is some info about Rory and Rookie who will be commenting every week about how the teams are doing!

They say that there are not going to be boxes of free stuff laying around.We are going to have to play games as people say like the Fall Fair of 2007,they sat that is what it is going to be like so I guess it will be fun.But I wonder how are they going to pick our teams,like our we going to be able to pick when we log in whether we wanna be on the red team or blue team,if so I so pick Blue.And Rory says a lot of stuff will be happening at the Ice Rink,like the penguin band ,Music Jam,which is actually a pretty good place to start a competition!


can't wait until then!

can't wait until then!


Also for all the penguins who helped find missing rockhopper’s blueprints we will be rewarded (the members) tomorrow August,15 with an awesome igloo ship. LoL .So I would say start saving up those coins,because I know I am getting one,I will post a picture when I decorate it and stuff!


New ship igloo arrives Augst 15th,Tomorrow!

New ship igloo arrives August 15th,Tomorrow!


And they talk about the sports catalog which will be coming tomorrow as well.They will most likely have a lot of red and blue team stuff you can buy so you can look your best and feel your best to !


Red and Blue.Blue is so gonna win!

Red and Blue.Blue is so gonna win!

And here is some news from the clubpenguin community

I’ve heard from a lot of you how excited you are about the upcoming Penguin Games so I thought I’d give you a sneak peek of some of the cool items that will be available in Friday’s Snow and Sports catalog:
I don’t want to give any more away, but take your best guesses about what these are!  As always, let us know what you think.

In Other News: The new Igloo Upgrades catalog will be available on Friday. If you’re into sailing the seas, you’ll love the new igloo! Check tomorrow’s newspaper for all the details.

Until then…waddle on!!

-Club Penguin Team



And I put this one in because I thought it was cute.

Someone made a question to Aunt Arctic about why don’t puffles wear clothes but us penguins do.The answer simply is because they feel the coldness and we just don’t .Also it would be a waste of money but you and your puffle could be twins!


aww the black one is mad,and purple is the happiest!

aww the black one is mad,and purple is the happiest!


well hey enough talk about clubpenguin and let’s talk about me.

1.well my orientation to middle school is August 20th,2008,which sucks  it sucks because my grandpa has like this lump in his boob,so he has to have surgery on it,but he has pre testing the 20th

2. School starts August 27th,2008 which is the day my grandpa has surgery at 9:00am in the morning which mean my grandma and grandpa are still going to here in the morning,because they usually leave at 5:30 am in the morning!

3.I got some new school uniform clothes today,and my grandma is going to buy me some boy shorts,dickies to be exact (dickies and a brand of clothes)

4.I am getting a pair of all white airforces some time before school but after orientation,and if we are allowed to wear converses I am getting a pair of all black converses.

That’s all for now!!


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  1. Detroit87 Says:

    Can I Be On Your BlogRoll?

    hold on a sec I’ll go check to see if you meet the requirements

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    you dont have all the requirements!

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