Igloos,catalogs,and much more!


Well first of all here is the new pin,it is a dodgeball


here is the pin!

here is the pin!


Here are the secrets for the igloo catalog!

click on the crowbar on the floor removal service for:



click the door of the deluxe stone igloo for:


deluxe stone igloo

deluxe stone igloo


and also guess what-1 new igloo and a old one,but I wasn’t here when it came out!

Here is the ship igloo!

And here is the old gym igloo!


Sports catalog secrets!

click the blue pom pom on the page where there is a pink cheerleader penguin jumping,click the right pom pom for the orange foot ball helmet!


 and now for the silver surfboard cheat!

first click the penguin’s surfboard

now click the grey seashell 

and now click on the pink-ish orange-ish starfish 



and there is one new background for nonmembers in the sports catalog!

and I promised you that I would post my rockhopper ship igloo at the end!

here is my igloo,the igloo I will be having my 5,000 hit party in!



also how many times can you get banned!

name,last login,peng. age,coins,bans!,membership expires!


and google’s picture for the day!


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