I fixed the header


i fixed the header and imamod don’t ever pull a stunt or whatever thing like that again or your off.You make posts,you edit them,and you add stuff,the header isn’t n that. 


shyshy6510:dont ever change the theme and change it back to whatever it was!it messed up my header and everyone here knows your not allowed to change my header,never,unless I add you and say so!

can someone tell me how to make a header?


axcoolkenny03: meet me on cp at some point and i can make a special size so it fits your site. Also tell me what you want it to say.


3 Responses to “I fixed the header”

  1. puppup1996 Says:

    see ehy ehy i didnt do it!
    shyshy6510:who did!

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    okay people imamod did,okay and also 123kde iwould love it if you could make me another header or tell me how would be better!

  3. imamod Says:

    axcoolkenny03 said he wants to meet you to make a banner on cp. Im sorry but i cant my penguin is called Penguin and i need to find a new penguin name.
    shyshy6510:well meet where?

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