Server Cheat From Chewy


Hey pianoboy guess what,I’m deleted from your blog,so your deleted from mine,haha!

Well here is a server cheat from chewy and mohd222’s site!
all the credit goes to chewy and mohd222
okay this is a server cheat which allows you to get into full servers for all you desperate rockhopper searchers, 😆 im one of them!

Server Cheat

Okay well first log into clubpenguin.

Go where all the servers are and press a full server.
(here is what it should look like)

so now you shall do

press the tab button on your keyboard until reaches the yellow part of the picture

 okay now press enter and this will pop-up (notice the clubpenguin background)

That is from chewy and mohd222 site,but since I don’t check their site regularly  I found it on 

here are the sites I check regularly

gardena chil’s site,justrokstar,donuts11,mimo777,fever/watex’s,123kde,funcoolcp,cpcheatsiteiscool and yea I believe that’s it.

Also don’t forget my party August 21st!


wear color:brown and items:blue


12 Responses to “Server Cheat From Chewy”

  1. puppup1996 Says:

    what did i do respond at

    shyshy6510: well one you deleted me from your blog and 2 i just wrote that post way better,and don’t write clubpenguin cheats that’s my job remember

  2. puppup1996 Says:

    what u mean i deleted you?

    shyshy6510:im not on your blog anymore,come to my chat,im on

  3. shyshy6510 Says:

    come to my chat,I’m on people i see there are 3 on right now!

  4. capuzzi Says:

    can u plz add me to ur blogg roll.thanks i will add you.Keep commenting on my site


    shyshy6510:i’ll see if you have the requirements,hey sorry dude but i forgot your site name.

  5. Ninja boy1 Says:

    Nice site + Post, Keep it up;) -Ninjaboy1


  6. donuts11 Says:

    i dont think i might come. . . skool starts for me on that day.

    shyshy6510:oh,well sorry it starts august 21st and my school starts the 27th

  7. funcoolcp Says:

    hey shyshy i made u a invite- but I think someones has already made one…..
    any click on this to view the invite (I hope u like it and i hope it works)

    shyshy 5000 hits.PNG

    shyshy6510:that’s not a link,and my invite that i have is sorta crappy but he said he made it in 5 mins

  8. funcoolcp Says:

    it doesn’t work ill try something else

    shyshy6510:yea the invite link doesn’t work

  9. funcoolcp Says:

    shyshy click on this to view the invite

    shyshy6510:omg thanks this is so flipping awesome!

  10. Ninja boy1 Says:

    heres the html ( it wont update it self its just a pic so u have t olook for the new html everytime

    shyshy6510:umm where’s the html?

  11. Ninja boy1 Says:

  12. Ninja boy1 Says:

    here :

    shyshy6510:the link doesnt work?

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