Google Image!


Here is the google image for the day!

and I will post my party information everyday and it is also on the sidebar!
(sorry the sidebar info is sorta messed up) 

(click for bigger picture)

Also today i have 6th grade orientation at 5:30 pm so wish me good luck :lol:. And I hope I see a certain someone , but then again I don’t 😆 . I bought a yellow shirt that has a big skull on it that says peace and love on the side.I also bought a pair of red little earrings,5 bracelets and necklaces,and a new pair of 30.00$ shoes that were originally 50.00$ they are like puffy shoes like Airwalks,and Etnies if you know what any of those are. Well the shoes I bought are World Industries . My mom bought the new red ecko shoes they are pink,white and black and have designs on the side near the back and she bought a whole bunch of clothes. Well wish me good luck,also I am helping my mom dye her hair dark red ,auburn to be exact,she already has red hair ,but she doesn’t like the shade it is right now.

Okay well bye!


6 Responses to “Google Image!”

  1. donuts11 Says:

    kool! I used to wear Airwalks! But now I wear Vans! Vans and Airwalks are really awesume!
    p.s you need paint to make a header i think.

    shyshy6510:oh on the header thing,and yea airwalks and girl vans (boy’s for you) are awesome!

  2. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    I hab\ve an awesome program i use to make textures and perect sizes for headers! I love airwalks heelys and Vans!

    shyshy6510:well can you plz tell me how to make my own header,and i like airwalks and vans but at my school heely’s are considered for little kids

  3. donuts11 Says:

    i dont know why heely’s make my me walk weird. lol

    shyshy6510: 😆 i wonder why?

  4. ░▒▓█╚ỰجҜұѓЮ/\/\▲╔╗≡╠ځ▀█▓▒░ Says:

    awsome i bought world industrys shoes to recently oh also visit my site yours rocks

    shyshy6510:awesome mine are like grey right above the tongue then they are whute on the sides and then they are all different color plaid in the back

  5. ░▒▓█╚ỰجҜұѓЮ/\/\▲╔╗≡╠ځ▀█▓▒░ Says:

    kewl thanks for comenting!

  6. JirachiGirl Says:

    I love converse. They are my favorite. I wear them all summer and when I have no school.

    shyshy6510:i know converse rock but I am getting a pair of airforces tomorrow

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