6th Grade Orientation And More


Okay well orientation went great!
I saw my 3 best friends and sat near all of them.
Here is my schedule!
1. Homeroom-Art 
2. Science
3. math
4. math(same just im in it for a hour)
5. world region
6. lunch
7. language arts
8. language arts (for a hour)
9. band lessons (clarinet)

school starts august 27th,2008 and ends usually june 8th,2009 
school day starts  at 7:55 am and ends at 3:10 pm
and I got  a new locker (lock) and my locker combination is only  3 numbers!

Also watex’s site got suspended today and Gardenax’s old site got unsuspended!

And my party is tomorrow here’s a link to the invitation

And penguin Games are happening in 2 days and here are the sneak – peeks 


Hello Penguins!

The Penguin Games are almost here and there will be tons of fun events for you to participate in.  Grab some of your penguin friends and make a team!  I’ve got a sneak peek here for you – Let me know if you can guess what these are:


In Other News:  There’s a brand new poll out tomorrow on the website, so make sure you check it out and cast your vote!

Until then…waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team



17 Responses to “6th Grade Orientation And More”

  1. JirachiGirl Says:

    That sucks the Fever’s website got suspended..

    shyshy6510: i know

  2. Bike Mania 3 Says:

    omiigosh it did!! well time to go to mike 92 or paintboy 100

    shyshy6510:what r you talking about!,oh your talking about the watex confusion

  3. donuts11 Says:

    WAT?! omg. sad. WHY?! WHY watex! 😦 noooooooo!
    -Donuts 11
    p.s if there is no signiture, means that is me.


  4. juanuaci Says:

    my fan said this i think you should all make j1sg (shyshy6510:WHAT?)for juanuaci shyshy 6510 123kde greenoiscool how is that good?? should we do it?

    shyshy6510:make what,i odnt understand what you said

  5. juanuaci Says:

    make liek a team of me 123kde you greenoiscool and me like gwa called s1jg or j1sg first letter of our penguins do you get me now


  6. juanuaci Says:

    are u there

    shyshy6510:sorry i was debating on music with some emo people

  7. juanuaci Says:

    right now its only jg for juanuaci and green we need you and kde


  8. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    ill think about it… Imamod wants in but ill think about it…

    shyshy6510: i know juanuaci is acting like his letter has to be first,he isnt special

  9. funcoolcp Says:

    cool, im going into yr 6 soon

    shyshy6510: why deosn everybody call it year 6. I mean I hope you did go to kindergarten so it would be yr 7 but still it’s grade right?

  10. donuts11 Says:

    wow. seventh grade is the same thing except. . . the time. we start earlier than u. and our school is really huge. (i got lost in the school. lol.


  11. Nochia Says:

    Wow. Your schedule is long. I don’t even have it that long. And I’m two grades over you. You guys don’t have PE? Your lucky!
    You’re in band? AWESOME! I’m in band too for the Trumpet. I am a girl. Those who try to tease me cuz I’m a girl and playing a trumpet will get me mad. I’ma girl, like, get over it.

    Happy School time… Not really… =D
    School is OK.

    Lockers… I lost my combo. Dang.

    shyshy6510:we do have phys ed but we get new schedule(9 periods) every semester which is like 2 months i just dont have phys ed this semester

  12. donuts11 Says:

    i have 9 periods too.

    shyshy6510:im sorta scared about it all

  13. Nochia Says:

    Wow! Your lucky!!!! I have to have PE ALL YEAR. Unless, i have a medical problem. Like, I broke my back. Or I permanently broke my leg. Something like that. I don’t have 9 periods. I have 6 with a brunch and lunch. School starts at 8:30 and ends at like 2:48 on Mon, Wed, Fri and on Tues and Thurs, it ends on 2:15. Which class do you switch with for PE?

    I got used to switching classes. After being creeped out from the first few weeks that I’ll be late.

    In your PE, do you run a mile?

    shyshy6510: no in our p.e we do like exercises for like 20 minutes and then we do games like soccer and basketball

  14. funcoolcp Says:

    I live in england thats why (ive told u that about 100 times lol)

    shyshy6510: 😆

  15. Nochia Says:

    Ohhh…. that’s almost like my PE. Except, I have to run a mile once a week. It hurts a lot.

    We do exercises for about 10 min. then play around whatever sport we are doing.

    I like swimming even though the pool is like SNOW temp.

    shyshy6510:we don’t have a pool at my school

  16. Nochia Says:

    Oh, ya. Isn’t your school like K-8?
    I think that’s y. My school used to be a high school so we get the cool big stuff that other middle school’s/junior high’s dont get.

    shyshy6510:umm no,elementary is kindergarten – 5 , middle school is 6-8 and high school is 9-12 but like next year i think ( i know they are doing this for sure I just don’t know what year) they are putting 6th grade into elementary and combining the middle school and high school to where it will be 7-12 high schoolers on top,middle schoolers on bottom

  17. nochia1016 Says:


    shyshy6510 😆

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