Watex's blog has been suspended because he is wanting people to download and install his toolbar.

The toolbar has been proved to damage computers.
That breaks our terms of service and gets people very annoyed. It could even cost people money.

He can have the blog back but every single post and link about that toolbar must be deleted immediately.

Any blog that links to any toolbar or asks people to install trainers / hacks / cheats or anything like that will be suspended. You might want to tell everyone else.

When watex himself replies to me I will discuss it again with him but you need to understand I did not do this to be mean. I did it because he broke the rules and put people's computers at risk.



One Response to “OMG!”

  1. JirachiGirl Says:


    shyshy6510:i know that’s crazy i went to his site and saw the post he posted about why it was suspended

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