Penguin Banned Forever! Yes


Here is my letter of complaint to clubpenguin


hi well some ignorant person made a penguin under my email address and they
named it Fruck Shyshy well anyways the penguin has been banned 10 times! How
many times can you get banned because my cousinn got banned 5 times and he just
got a membership and his dad was so mad because he paid 30$ for nothing.Well
please answer my question.It is Fruck Shyshy password purple and Fruck Peace
password purple.I did not make either of these someone else did under my
How many times can you really get banned?!?!?

Ticket ID: 3265513-48695


Here is their Reply



Thanks for emailing us about this, we appreciate it very much. The penguins
\’Fruck Shyshy\’ and \’Fruck Peace\’ have both been issued permanent bans so
they cannot be used again for any reason.

In this case I suggest that you change the password on both your \’Shyshy6510\’
penguin account and on your email address to be sure that only you have access.
Click on the link below to begin the password reset process (you can also copy
and paste the below address into your web browser\’s address bar):

(a whole bunch of stuff about changing password)

The next time you log in, you will be able to use your new password. If you
have any troubles following the above steps, please ask a parent or guardian
for some help.

Penguins can be banned up to three times as warnings and then they will be
issued a permanent ban. Sometimes it can take a little bit for our staff to
find accounts that have more than four bans which is why one of these penguins
has 10 bans on it, the situation has been taken care of however.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding this or anything else,
please write again anytime.

Kind regards,

Scott S
Club Penguin Support


well crap it used to be 5 bans until you get banned for life now it’s 3! that’s crazy

oh  and I have a new chat it is

just copy and paste into your browser bar cuz like for some reason links dont work fro me anymore


7 Responses to “Penguin Banned Forever! Yes”

  1. JirachiGirl Says:

    Idiotic person. Why whould he/she do that? A problem still arises. The person still has your e-mail adress so he/she can make as much penguins to embarrase you.
    It’s illegal to do hacking.


    -No seriously-

    shyshy6510:i know hey come to my new chat it is

  2. cold123guy Says:

    Shyshy, I added you to my blogroll 3 days ago.Why won’t you add me to yours?You said you will.

    shyshy6510:i think you didnt have me on your blogroll that’s why I didn’t add you.I’ll go check now

  3. mikey 95 Says:

    aww man!
    my penguin has been banned 2 times!
    next time its gone! and i have a lotta stuff
    and membership!

    shyshy6510:feel sorry for you dude

  4. donuts11 Says:

    whoa u serious? Mikel Myers (My penguin) is banned three times! uh oh. hee hee

    shyshy6510:whoa dude well that means that all they have to do is go through their program and check.

  5. fornetti Says:

    I do not believe this

  6. dywysoqi Says:

    Thanks for really good information

    shyshy6510:welcome and np

  7. WT EVER Says:

    Im scared I luv my penguin shes been banned twice now is it on your third time you get banned forever or is it on your fourth time you get banned forever?

    shyshy6510:they have now changed it to the third time but thy go through everyday to see who has been banned so you might be lucky

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