Clubpenguin DS Elite Penguin Force


Okay well you know how A long time ago that clubpenguin said that they were talking about making a clubpenguin ds game.And they said that they hoped it would be released near the holidays,well they weren’t lying and it comes out

I will be getting it for christmas because I am supposed to be getting a whole bunch of money ( 500.00$ no joke) and I am buying a wii with that money and umm like controllers and some games.

Here is a link to preorder it (I am not doing this 😆 ) that I have found on fever’s site
(you might have to copy and paste it into your browser or if you have an iMac just press go to link address)

Here is a Countdown until It shall come out!

The countdown


Google Image

and the usa is winning by 10 medals to china but china has the most gold medals with almost a record of 50 gold medals ( the soviet union (russia) won a world record of 55 gold medals in the year of 1988).



18 Responses to “Clubpenguin DS Elite Penguin Force”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    what i like about it is that they say that there will be a way to hook up your game to the computer so you can transfer your coins! So when I can’t play the computer I can play that and still earn coins,also my membership expires August 31st 08 but don’t worry I am getting it renewed the day before,that way my house doesnt like dissapear

  2. JirachiGirl Says:

    shyshy6510: i know I can’t wait

  3. shyshy6510 Says:

    i am about to find a new poke plush also

  4. donuts11 Says:

    lol. My membership ends on like six days from now. Idk about Donuts. She said that Mr.Fun or Dirtshorts will take care of the penguin. (It was a prize)

    shyshy6510:oh and who the heck is dirtshorts?

  5. strancp Says:

    Hmmm do many kid’s have their own laptop and wireless internet and TV in there room and a sterio and adobe photoshop cs3 extended and a mountain bike from norco the second best mountain bike in the world

    shyshy6510:you are a super show off and whatever a dumb mountain bike who just rides their bike seriously!

  6. gardenax Says:

    How many comments do you have on ur site

    shyshy6510:771 comments

  7. gardenax Says:

    Wow that comment Strancp and the repliment you left was weird. I mean like Why are you so mad at Strancp and Strancp what are you talking about. It was posted on your blog but Mountain bike wasn’t

    shyshy6510:i was trying to stick up for you and also he think’s he is so cool just because he has a stuoud nordec mountain bike

  8. strancp Says:

    Well atleast I care about my stuff you’re so rude all I say I just got a new laptop and I’m using it in my backyard while posting you dork you make a BIG deal about it jeez.

    shyshy6510:you said it like a show off you said well im just sitting here with my wireless laptop in my backyard that is show off

  9. strancp Says:

    Also gardenax did copy my party idea because he changed the name and my site and ideas are copyrighted 2008-2009

    shyshy6510:well one no he didn’t! he was thinking of doing all that stuff since the beggining of summer and also your’s was a party not a whole bunch of contests!

  10. JirachiGirl Says:


    shyshy6510:so much drama,also i banned you on my chat for only 1 hour for advertisement and then i went to un-ban you like after a minute and it wouldn’t let me!

  11. gardenax Says:

    I didn’t copy your idea on party I planned it out a long time ago

    shyshy6510: no dip sherlock 😆

  12. gardenax Says:

    I copied of cp


  13. gardenax Says:

    I didn’t even know you’re having a party. I just went of advertizing randomly. Psh. Besides what kind of party are you having? Club Penguin almost 15,000 hits party? Igloo party for comments? What kind of party? -_-

    shyshy6510:i was gonna have a 5,000 hit party but I missed it unfortunately

  14. gardenax Says:

    Shyshy I suggest you keep you’re mouth shut, forget about what this strancp freak has to say about moutain biking.

    Strancp if you talk about moutain biking why don’t you go moutain biking it must be a nice day. Beside Shyshy is right your a super show-off! No actually a double super show-off.

    I wish I wouldn’t have advertize now you guys know each other’s site.

    shyshy6510:it doesn’t matter I was just trying to stick up for you gosh but I see YOU COULD CARE LESS and don’t even care if I even try to stick up for you!

  15. gardenax Says:

    No I was talking to strancp about the party

    shyshy6510:what r u talking about?

  16. Money Burp Says:

    Im money burp and im a videogameatic. clubpenguin rocks and i cant get enough:)

    shyshy6510:me either

  17. hahahahahah Says:

    u suck ***!!!!

    bubba1960: your right! you do!
    shyshy6510:take the word he put *** and add hole! lol

  18. hahahahahah Says:

    hi u suck?

    bubba1960: yes you do!
    shyshy6510:that isn’t a ? idiot!

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