Hi I Am Back From Camp Ecco,It Was So Fun And You Have To Ask Questions Because I Am About To Go To Bed!


7 Responses to “I AM BACK”

  1. gardenax Says:

    Lol this week I went to wood ymca it was a little fun. But im glad im returning to arlington ymca

    shyshy6510:what? yea umm cool

  2. gardenax Says:


    shyshy6510″okay dude

  3. donuts11 Says:

    Party On the August 30th! Go to my site for more info!

    shyshy6510:okay I will

  4. Nochia Says:

    Camp Ecco? Wow.

    What camp is that?

    shyshy6510:it is a camp that the pastor of my church made it is like a 40 minute drive from where i live , we almost got lost and we actually went into pennyslvania for like 5 minutes 😆 also my grandma didnt drive me there the bus drivers of my church did

  5. gardenax Says:

    Guys come to my site the End of the Summer Party has just begun!

    shyshy6510:oh so you have decided to keep that site,well plz delete me as admin on other one

  6. nochia1016 Says:

    Oh. Awesome, you guys went into ANOTHER state for only 5 min! =D

    You’re saying your Grandma would lose you guys like, she would drive you to Canada? Did the bus driver know where you guys were going?

    shyshy6510:yea but he hasnt been there in 2 years

  7. nochia1016 Says:

    Oh wow…

    shyshy6510: wow what?

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