Fever Might Go!!!!!


😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

yes people it is true we might say our final farewells to him because clubpenguin has found his site and are saying if he doesn’t delete his cheats and glitches and even secrets then they will PERMANATLY BAN FEVER!
they already banned watex what do we have to do to tell them to keep our beloved Fever!
Here is what they,and he have to say.


I got a pretty nasty email from Club Penguin a few moments ago (view here), and it basically asks me to delete all my Cheats & Glitches (over 100 I have accumulated over time) or my penguin, Fever, will be banned. So I got rid of them. So say a final farewell to all cheats and glitches! Good times. Also, I got a similar letter from WordPress. View here. Judging from the emails, they are really CP and WordPress.


Update: There have been a lot of comments about whether I will still be posting new things or not. I think CP means only deleting the Cheats and Glitches that you can actually use in the game (like walking on pathways). So things like where the pin is isn’t really considered a Cheat or Glitch in the actual game. However, I’m going to talk to them about it just to make sure. And I’m currently trying to confirm if the emails are real or not.


yes he is right good times,good times

plz don’t go

in other news the penguin games end tomorrow

my chat visit!


20 Responses to “Fever Might Go!!!!!”

  1. shyshy6510 Says:

    hey 123kde what was the post and pass again?

  2. gardenax Says:

    fever banned?

    shyshy6510:i know that’s crazy 😥

  3. strancp Says:

    Shyshy can we forget about this fight?
    Also gard stop with the blackmail :\

    shyshy6510:what are you talking about blackmailing :mrgreen:

  4. 123kde Says:

    shyshy i need a yes or no awnser please come back to my site and tell me yes or no i promis bubba wont see it i promise i dont care just please come back and say yes or no

    shyshy6510:uh dude i don’t care if bubba sees it the worst he can do is write bad things and comments about me and that’s it,also what was the pass for?!?!

  5. 123kde Says:

    the post about if i should u know what bubba

    shyshy6510:ooh hey just copy and paste this into your borwser http://xat.com/ShyShy6510

  6. 123kde Says:

    chat wth me on my meebo

    shyshy6510:nope click this link http://xat.com/ShyShy6510

  7. gardenax Says:

    Guys come to my site for the end of the summer party! http://gardenax.wordpress.com/

  8. laze12 Says:

    I do like Fever but club penguin needs to check out ALL of his site he has cheats and glitches EVERYWHERE!

    shyshy6510:lol but true

  9. gardenax Says:

    We have to protest. I don’t post about Club Penguin Cheats. But now wordpress will remove anyone who has glitches, cheats, or secrets. Fever is right, it’s a nasty email. I mean why would they do that. It’s like a kid emailing a prank on you.

    shyshy6510:it is all blackmail!

  10. gardenax Says:

    Club Penguin want the Blogs of club penguin to be gone. They not only probably Fever’s site but they saw most people’s site too. Anyways I think they have the right to do this, cuz everyone has so many Club Penguin sites. It so annoying. It’s like impersonating Club Penguin. The question is, ” Why make a blog when Club Penguin has a blog? ” I mean like everyday people go to Club Penguin. Making a blog out of them is like impersonating them. I think the fault goes to the Club Penguin Blogs and the Club Penguin Team. One of our problem is that we ALL make funny pictures sometimes about Club Penguin that are inappropriate.

    Our Fault: We make so much blogs about Club Penguin why can’t we stick to one blog? It’s better to make to make a blog about yourself. NOT the SAME thing OVER and OVER! It does not only offend and impersonate Club Penguin, but it does the same to people who makes blogs about. So we are being you offended by others, and we are being offensive to others.

    Club Penguin Team’s Fault: These guys have to speak up. Don’t think it’s an e-mail a computer gives you. But Club Penguin shouldn’t be leaving harrass like this and telling WordPress. I think Fever is right about the email being nasty. And I’m not saying that Club Penguin is bad. I’m saying it’s a good game for people to play.

    Thank you for you time!


    Please pass this down to other comments.

    shyshy6510:they suck we should so go on strike i mean wow we have clubpenguin cheats they will hunt us all down and then like ATTACK with that cruel email

  11. Nochia Says:

    I somehow think that it IS a prank. I mean… it seems quite inappropriate for CP to email Watex. (BTW, I don’t know him) And then for WordPress to too.

    Gardena is right, we do basically repeat everything that Club Penguin is saying. And not EVERYONE reads our blogs from CP. So, Club Penguin has it taken care of. We just post it up anyways. I would probably do that if I was bored.

    Club Penguin rocks!
    It’s just that the email sounds VICIOUS. And a threat.

    shyshy6510:i know it is a vicious threat!

  12. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    thats sucks

    shyshy6510:i know and also i said that i might add you back but since you already deleted me i guess not

  13. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    Here is a good question… How do they know his email if its not fevers email… But yet again how would someone else get it… Because he keeps that like SUPER TOP SECRET!…

    shyshy6510:i know

  14. Nochia Says:

    Didn’t he say his email when he signed up for CP?
    i dunno no.

    When i read that I scrolled over one of da links, without clicking it. I saw the message. And it still seems impossible for them to send a kinda vicious threat. I think they would do it more sweet cuz mostly KIDS go on there. They think like older teens (like 16 and older) and adults have blogs only.
    Maybe like this:

    (The first 3 paragraphs are OK)

    If you don’t delete the page, we will have your page blocked or suspended some way. (W/out mentioning wordpress too much). And your penguin might be banned. (No permanently banned mentioned)

    Club penguin.

    It might sound slightly vicious. But better then wat they said.

    shyshy6510:i know but it was still a threat

  15. donuts11 Says:

    Everyone. . . Hes sites ok. He found two FAKE emails.

    shyshy6510:awesome I haven’t checked his site yet but I’ll be sure to!

  16. glider5001 Says:

    no one is stopping are cheats we hav to fight back we cant let them this easily we have to havea plan so we can destroy that emailing jerk and we make sure fever is stilll with us

    shyshy6510″glider,fever found out somehow that the emails were fake and just some cruel and mean person who wrote em’




    shyshy6510:i have 3 ? , why are you commenting on an old post,who is charmedorb and why are you worrying when that whole entire situation is over

  18. GO FEVER Says:


    shyshy6510:guess so

  19. maddie98 Says:

    Banned again……

    shyshy6510:well his site is shut down

  20. another one of charmedorbs fans Says:



    shyshy6510:who is she?

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