Ruby ele1997 (funcoolcp)


Hi everyone, I’m ruby ele1997 and I now work here! I will post things, edit posts, edit comments and much more, I am often of shyshys chat! (and I talk a LOT!) you might know me from my blog  I post things almost everyday, and there is a comment contest on my site, which end on 28th of august 08! for lots of info about me check out my page ‘about me’ on my site, and be sure to comment! My penguin is called ruby ele1997 and If you see me say cp is fun and cool, and I will add you!

Cya around

~ruby/ funcoolcp  (I prefer to be called ruby)


2 Responses to “Ruby ele1997 (funcoolcp)”

  1. 123kde Says:

    shyshy i heard u r getting a wii i have one and its awsome i think its worth it also i got to tell u dont buy more than 4 controler buy as many nunchucks as you do controlers now also ireccomend the following games wii endless ocean,
    super mario galixey, all the gutair heroes, and my pesonal favorite wall-e

    hope these tips help


    shyshy6510:yea so wickedly awesome seriously cuz me and my sister get 500 for christmas and i am getting a wii and a game i want the carnival games for wii and wall-e is such a sad movie seriously i thought he was gonna die or lose his memory so sad 😥

    123KDE:yea disney movies are so sad 😥 😥

  2. shyshy6510 Says:

    hey thanks ruby for the new header

    ruby: its k, if you get bored of it your welcome to change it 😀

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