My Hits,And Schoolthey are crazy!


Okay well,school starts tomorrow and well I have packed 22.10$ 20 dollars for a bookbag and 2.10$ for lunch but I am getting free lunches most likely like after a week and today I played on my mom’s laptop so cool!

Look at my hits!

they are crazy and whoever changed my flag on my sidebar sucks because it was getting better and also i deleted it!


6 Responses to “My Hits,And Schoolthey are crazy!”

  1. donuts11 Says:

    wow. me and donuts are getting really low this week.


  2. Nochia Says:

    Heck, you guys are better then me…

    I got like almost at least less then 10 views but thats cuz my sis keeps going on there…

    ShyShy must’ve worked hard for ppl to come here a lot! I work nothing. The only time it was actually high, was cuz Garden told ppl about it around the first two days i had the blog.

    shyshy6510:aww thanks nochia.what is your bog anyways? i think i have been there once and forgot to write it down

  3. Nochia Says:

    Your welcome…

    I don’t have a bog. =P

    I have a blog!

    I only have about 536 views…

    shyshy6510:okay well I’ll starts visiting regualrly as long as you make posts and stuff

  4. Nochia Says:

    I will… maybe. i dunno know. I’m busy with other stuff. Mostly going on Club Penguin though. I still need to learn how to do some stuff.


  5. nochia1016 Says:

    Ya… i got it like early this month… i think.

    shyshy6510:okay well I went to it

  6. Nochia Says:


    shyshy6510: 😆

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