Im Going To School!


I am going to school,6th grade to be exact.I have my clarinet,book for it,schedule,folder,mechanical pencil,lunch money and book bag money,and my lock for my locker!well I will tell you when i come back and yes it is very early it is 6:41 am and I’ll be back around 4 I believe it is like a 20 minute walk so see ya!


ask questions while ya can and I’ll answer em’ when I get home


4 Responses to “Im Going To School!”

  1. 123kde Says:

    you get to walk to school?!? lucky! my mom wont let me


    shyshy6510 i walk with my uncle (13) and his friend (13)

  2. nochia1016 Says:

    My dad won’t let me walk to school. But I have to carry my trumpet which is extremely heavy. To me at least. I’m strong, not weak. And I have a heavy bookbag to carry.

    Hope you had fun at school.

    shyshy6510:i have a clarinet and we have to bring it to school tomorrow and guess what! we have band lockers for our instrument! but i do have to take it home on the weekends

  3. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    Can i be back on the site?

    shyshy6510:are you and gardenax my friend,if not nope,because you an him started most of this

  4. Nochia Says:

    You’re Uncle is 13? OK.

    Oh! Lucky!! I have to bring it home and back! EVERYDAY.

    Sometimes, I make my friends carry it for me. =P
    It’s mean, but sometimes they wanna do it too. =D


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