School was great i love it ! it is awesome and I am so happy we get to switch classes because my homeroom teacher which I will be having for 9 weeks , believes in UFO’S which is crazy but I also love it because I have a whole hour to look at this cute boy in language arts so awesome! lol he is my friend’s cousin I know EWWWW but he is so fine he is mixed,has baby blue eyes,and has some cool shoes 😆 ! But seriously he is fine! Finer than anyone else I know,because like my boyfriend I think MOVED I believe he moved , because his house looks empty and his phone is cut off,and guess what he was supposed to have, he was supposed to have my homeroom and the locker next to mine! So mad about that but now I got a substitute for it, and I mean who knows if me and him still go out!


Update:my boyfriend has officially moved,I walked by his house and there was a for sale sign up and also I don’t like that boy anymore up above,everyone makes fun of him and says he wears eyeliner because he has really dark eyelashes seriously,i like the boy who sits 2 seats in front of me


11 Responses to “School!”

  1. 123kde Says:

    shyshy r u on your site

    shyshy6510:now i am

  2. cpstreaker22 Says:

    hey awesome site. i have a blog too it would be cool is u could visit and comment its thnx!

  3. Nochia Says:

    Wow… A lot can happen.

    You’re teacher believes in UFO? And he’s leaving in 9 weeks?

    shyshy6510:no i have next semester in 9 weeks

  4. nochia1016 Says:

    Oh yeah!!!

    shyshy6510: 😆 he is fine like literally and he mixed, double combo!!!

  5. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    I go back to school on tuesday- I’m glad you had a godd day at school! 😛

    shyshy6510: 😆 and thannks ❗

  6. bubba1960 Says:

    hey shyshy6510! good job with your teachers! i hope they get event better as the year goes on! u no that u commented on the post about going on the nightclub? i can tell u how to do it if u make me an author on you site insted of commenting. its a really cool site!

    shyshy6510:i did make you an author but here are the rules!
    no changing anyone’s post only i am allowed to do that,plz wait a little bit to post cp cheats i get off school late and have to walk,no changing my SIDEBAR i hate it when people do that,and NEVER change my header or theme,that will get you kicked off

  7. axcoolkenny03 Says:

    lol Cute Boy? lol Ohh yeah and when i go bowling theres a whole bunch! lol.

    shyshy6510:when you go bowling there’s a whole bunch,that is sorta fruity to be judging guys!

  8. Ruby ele1997 Says:


    shyshy6510:kewl post it

    ruby: I will when I have time, the beta also plays planet cazmo!

  9. juanuaci Says:

    look who hasnt been posting even if school is on

    shyshy6510:you can shut up

  10. juanuaci Says:

    no i cant im hyper i will do something funny in a little bit i can make a header want me to make one

    shyshy6510:idc i mean your not on my blog

  11. juanuaci Says:

    so idc your little scary girl im older and im in hyper depresion thats when my hyper leaves and im all like act drunk so you can shut up now i dont even know dsjigdfhuo[ sorry i fell hehehehe ok so can we meet in cp go to ice palace right now town

    shyshy6510:im there and what the heck are you talking about?

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