Penguin Of The Week


the penguin of the week issue has been solved

jirachi girl/11pokemon11 is the pegnuin of the week starting sunday(my week starts on sunday now because i have school next day usually)

after that I will be picking random penguins so if you wanna meet some time then that’s okay because I will be making my friends the penguin of the week because I have to send out a question form for them to answer

so scratch  the random really random penguin,you must be my friend or visit my site daily that way you can fill out the form


6 Responses to “Penguin Of The Week”

  1. JirachiGirl/11pokemon11 Says:

    Club Penguin Widget. Leads to Club Penguin.

  2. JirachiGirl/11pokemon11 Says:


  3. JirachiGirl/11pokemon11 Says:

    + If u think im going to be the penguin of the week next week, don’t.

    shyshy6510:what do u not want 2 be penguin of the week,you should feel honored and not want to be it,and also you can only be penguin of the week once every 2 and a half months

  4. gardenax Says:

    Why are you questioning me? I don’t use big words.

  5. JirachiGirl/11pokemon11 Says:

    I said NEXT week, not THIS week.

  6. juanuaci Says: vpte for me

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