Penguin Of The Week


Okay penguin of the week is 11pokemon11 and she comments here as jirachigirl or 11pokemon11 that way I don’t get confused 😆 well anyways check out more information about her on the penguin of the week page and I hope you check back every monday or sunday to see who the penguin of the week is!

Rules:you have to be my friend on clubpenguin in order to be penguin of the week
          don’t bug me I pick randomly
          you can only be penguin of the week once every  2 and a half months
          you have to fill out a question form also!

here is 11pokemon11 hey I told her to dress her best and she listened 


look on the penguin of the week page to see her question sheet also on the penguin of the week page I will be having a list of all the past penguin of the week people so you’ll know if you have been it before!

also look at my coins,i got less now because I am making my house a pizza parlor,also i bought a ton of puffles and named them all after one of my friends on line ,ask me if you have a puffle,if your one of my good friends,I’ll get ya one


8 Responses to “Penguin Of The Week”

  1. straw000 Says:

    Hey, cool Blog!! : ) Can you add me to your blogroll please? Thanks a lot!! 😀

    shyshy6510:hey guess what i am gonna play by the rules because people have asked before and not have all the requirements and i didn’t accept them,you don’t have m on your blogroll so nope!

  2. straw000 Says:

    Ok sorry 🙂 Please move the requirements up or make it bigger cuz people cant find it:) Please add me now:D

    shyshy6510:wow your really funny

  3. straw000 Says:

    Anyway, I think it will be fair to remove some people on your blogroll since they did not add you:) If not, it won’t be fair to me having to be in a long list, won’t it?

    shyshy6510:watex’s site is way better than anyones including yours and chewy’s and umm your not my boss and i have turned down many of people because of the reason i am not on theirs

  4. shyshy6510 Says:

    comment contest at look on his pages there is a comment contest and you get to pick a prize!!

  5. straw000 Says:

    😥 I met your requirement and I only requested to just remove some sites and you are really mean to me:( Did I do anything wrong? Anyway I am also a fan of watex- I did not even say his site was bad:( I also did not even say that my site was better than them:( pls dont put words in my mouth:(

    shyshy6510:i don’t see my site in your blog roll and also i said comment a link to that page where my name is in your blog roll and i didn’t put words in your mouth and also girls say that!

  6. straw000 Says:

    The 5th link:) on my widget on the right handside of on the top 3-4 part of the page on a widget called the “Blogroll” That is where your link is:) If you cant find it use a “search function” to find it THX!

    shyshy6510:okay okay what do you think your gonna gte a ton of hits from my blogroll?

  7. straw000 Says:

    no:) It’s just a friendly gesture of bloggers to exchange links:D

    shyshy6510:well i added you if it makes you feel any better?

  8. JirachiGirl/11pokemon11 Says:

    OMG. Like, too annoying!!

    shyshy6510:i know for real!! it was like he just kept on begging to be on my blogroll,dude i’m not a fan of yours

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