New Stuff Tomorrow


New stuff happening tomorrow that includes catalogs and the stage!!!

Stage is going to be reconstructed tomorrow September 5th,2008

they say that this stage project is practically gonna rock , but might take longer than other projects!


New clothing catalog tomorrow!!!!!

The new clothing catalog comes out tomorrow which I can’t wait for because I have so many coins

in the newspaper they show two new wigs the boy wig reminds me of someone’s hair,guess who??,bringing back the teal dress and a yellow scarf and also a new mail bag which looks pretty cool,but I am mainly interested in that insanely cute girl hairstyle!
They say this month’s theme is Preppy In Pink!

but also have some!!!


New Wig Catalogs

Well I know that these two will be on the catalog!

cool pigtails which I am so going to rock

and this hairstyle is so cute,I mean like it is so cute,boys you better buy it! You’ll be rockin it!



September 5th-
new wig catalog
                          new clothing catalog
                          stage construction starts

September 12th-
new play at the stage 

September 19th-
new furniture catalog for igloo


bye for now!!! 


4 Responses to “New Stuff Tomorrow”

  1. donuts11&Justrokstar Says:

    They might bring back the pink hoodie or the yellow scarf.

    shyshy6510:i want the pink hoodie a lot

  2. gardenax Says:

    I kinda like the new styles.


  3. yoshimad123 Says:

    It’s not fair… I want lots of hits on my blog too…
    It’s here: (link removed) is you want to go to it.

    shyshy6510:i have an advertisement page for a reason

  4. gardenax Says:


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