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11 Responses to “hi”

  1. behemothfiles Says:


  2. mmopukcp Says:

    Wanna win a cool penguin?

    Enter the lottery at mmopuk.wordpress.com and win!win!win! 😀


    shyshy6510:i have an advertisement page for a reason people

  3. Dexter333 Says:

    ha ha ha lol thats brill!



  4. ojoc Says:

    Hey, I really like your site!
    Plz add (link removed) to your blogroll
    then comment on my site and I’ll add you to my ultimate links!


    shyshy6510:i added you and you better keep your promise

  5. Ruby ele1997 Says:

    I acually thought u were nice (lol im joking)

    shyshy6510:bubba posted that

    ruby: ok!

  6. behemothfiles Says:

    hi ruby

  7. donuts11&Justrokstar Says:

    lol. EVIL!!!!!!!!

    shyshy6510:i know

  8. gardenax Says:

    What is your problem

    shyshy6510:i dont know who posted that because I left friday night to go to my dads and came back saturday,i found out bubba posted it

  9. shyshy6510 Says:

    thank you guys for noticing my ‘Hey’ post we got 222 hits yesterday that is what I am talking about!!!!!!

  10. Nochia Says:

    lol, that was hecka funny. and AWESOME. Although, i thought it was like a virus or something…

  11. bubba1960 Says:


    shyshy6510:umm okay??? lol

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