im going to quit so…………….


i might quit and hears why you see my blog didnt ever take off cause the only people that ever come on my site is someone who already has a site so that sux for me also  has pretty much become a chat for admins which sux even wayyy more also if i quit there will be a huge contest to deside  who gets my site i wont quit however if i get some good reasons not to  quit before i quit




One Response to “im going to quit so…………….”

  1. behemothfiles Says:

    animal:dogs,hamsters (so adorable)
    store:Sam’s warehouse (mega huge store!)
    tv show:Drake @Josh
    website:mine my fave site hyyp://
    pin:golden wheel
    clothing on cp:t shirt red strip stile
    flower:rose(so pretty)
    character on tv:Leon scott kenady (pic at bottom)
    time of day:2:30 a.m
    place to visit:Red Lobster
    vegetable:corn on cob
    ps do not moderate! and i didnt get a pic of me on cp so i put a pic of a behemoth so use that ok it will seem a little strange but just do it


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